Dragon Head 2

Posted: May 4, 2021 in Uncategorized

This is the second dragon in my series from the book of Revelation. My eventual goal is to create images of all of the visionary creatures from Revelation. This is another head of the seven headed, ten horned dragon with ten crowns. The image is symbolic, but I have chosen to make the expressions literal. The seven headed red dragon is symbolic of Satan. I am continuing with a cartoon style for this piece. Eventually the pieces will be joined together and displayed as one. My goal with this collection is to have an eventual “gallery style” presentation for me to teach on Revelation in my speaking ministry. For now I am sharing the pieces as they are developed. Watch the video below to see part of my process. Please note, this is a piece I have created to be crossposted on my pop art site, bewareofartists1.wordpress.com. I use the nickname Dangerous Dave Weiss on there, because many of my favorite artists use nicknames. I have no illusions of being actually dangerous. The name is derived from something my father used to say to me when I had him quite exasperated. He’s say, “Boy, if you had a brain you’d be dangerous.” Maybe I’m just expressing I do in fact have a brain. My goal here is to build real relationships in the world of art, to the glory of God. Please pray for me.

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