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This week, I decided to just lay it all out there over at my cartoon site, CREACHER. Jesus is Greater… For more info, click the toons.


In my study on the book of Acts one thing I am seeing is that the disciples are butting heads with the religious leaders and something really familiar is happening. The disciples are always saying to the leaders it’s more important to follow God than to follow you.” Do you see the problem in that statement. They can;t follow God and follow the religious leaders at the same time. The message is really clear, the religious leaders cannot be following God. Fast forward to our day when it is increasingly hard to follow God and government. When that happens we are faced with a choice. Here’s what Creacher has to say about that.

I started to think about what it means to have it all. This set of Creacher toons spells it out,

I decided to give my readers an exclusive preview of the Creacher comics for the week between Christmas and New Year. The reason for this is simple. It deals with making plans for the coming year and this is essential for all creatives.

What do you plan to do?

This week on my Web Comic Creacher, we are going to be looking at art and creativity. Here’s today’s toon. creacher6-1meme
Each day there will be a new cartoon designed to inspire you creatively. Print them out, share them on social media. Let’s start a creativity revolution!

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A friend saw a photography project I did for a class assignment and asked me if I knew how to do watermarks on photos. Watermarks are not something I generally do, but I do know a simple way to make a watermark in Photoshop. I haven’t been able to afford to upgrade my photoshop in a while so I am using an older version, but most of these features have not changed too much as far as I know.

So let’s say I want to watermark this Creacher cartoon.
1. Open your photo.

2. Take your text tool and type your watermark over it.

3. You can use free transform under edit on your menu bar to rotate your watermark or expand it as necessary.

4. In the layers window, take the opacity on your watermark layer back to about 50-60% and you should have a suitable watermark.

If you want to use a logo instead of type for your watermark:
1. Use a logo with a transparent background.

2. In the layers window take the opacity back to about 50-60%.

I am not sure if there is an easier way to do this or not. If there is, I would love to hear about it. This is just a way I found that works.