Christmas Presentation: The Gift and the Giver

My Christmas/Advent presentation looks at Christmas gifts, the kind we give and the kind God gives. We’ll look at why we give gifts, priorities and more. We’ll look at the incarnation, the Word become flesh. We’ll look at the gifts of the Magi and what they tell us about God’s greatest Gift, Jesus Christ.

three-wise-men-star-shines-art-wallpaper-r-w-ibackgroundz.comFrom there we go into one of the most famous gift givers associated with Christmas, The Little Drummer Boy. Yes, I know he was not a real person, but this character, created by Catherine Kinmont Davis, has some great lessons to teach us all. He thought he had “no gift to bring” and He was wrong. So many people think they have no gifts, nothing to offer, they’re wrong too. God the ultimate Giver, has gifted us so that we can be His gift to the world around us.

maxresdefaultIn this presentation, I paint three live paintings combined with video story telling and more and they reveal a larger picture and a larger meaning to it all Your congregation will be encouraged and challenged to use their gifts to be a gift as we celebrate God’s ultimate Gift.

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