Dave Weiss Portfolio

Here are a few samples of my art.

Visual for a message on fear

Map graphic I created for a friend’s youth retreat.

Cover for my upcoming book, The Imaginative Church

Cover for my book Enough

Presentation slide for a Thanksgiving message

Cartoon graphic on the plague of frogs

Infographic on the 400 years of biblical “silence”

Digital cartoon graphic

Crab graphic

Image on the ascension of Christ

Heart to God hands to man

Pearls before swine

Hope is risen

Image on the source of our talents

A Picture of Love

Fountain of Living Water

Pop Art Image of Power

Yard Sale Announcement slide

Presentation Graphic for a series called What Were You Thinking?

Presentation graphic on repetition

Rising Above

Church Car Show Graphic

Jesus is the Reason

Logo for The Bezalel Project

Announcement slide for Daylight Savings Time

Image of Jonah

A Picture of Crushing Jealousy

Pigment of My Imagination

An image of the cows from Joseph’s dream

Title slide for a presentation on fishers of men

Presentation image for Advent

Prayer for the world

Presentation image for trivia game

Itching ears

An image on Potential

Image for a series on the parables

These are some of my more Christian works. To see some of my other work, go to my portfolio at Dave Weiss American Pop on DeviantArt.com