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This day happens only once every four years and it’s a huge marvel when you think about it. Long before the advent of computers, satellites, etc., back as far as the 1500s, someone figured out that it takes 365 and a quarter days for the earth to travel around the sun. To some that quarter day, six measly hours, wouldn’t make a difference. In fact the difference it makes is huge. Every four years, we’d lose a day and eventually seasons would get all mixed up, summer would be winter and vice versa. It would create a plethora of problems. Leap day was the solution. Once every four years, February gains a day and the problem is solved.

So happy leap day. Now let’s take it a little further. A once in four years day deserves something special. So today the challenge is to create something worthy of a day that happens only once in four years. Maybe something odd, or unique, or just plain cool. What will you create for leap day?

I’d love to see it. Share a link in the comments.


I have a piece I’m working on for an upcoming presentation (more on this on Monday). Below is a sketch for it. It’s not really coming together for me. Oh the image is fine, I even kind of like it, but when you’re working live, sometimes there is more to consider than just what the final piece will look like. Even though the final piece has to be done in only a few minutes, people are watching me create it, so the process also matters.


You see I don’t just paint with my messages because it’s my gift and it’s not just about the art. Art is a tool I use to engage the congregation or the audience. To me an important element is keeping them guessing. There has to be some surprise, some misdirection, something that makes people say, “What is he doing?” That way they’re hanging on my every word, not because I’m that important but because I am trusting God to bring a message that someone or maybe everyone needs to hear. For me, the art is always subservient to the message. The art is important to me and I want to do my best, but the art is temporary. If the message hits home and is used to change a life, then the message is eternal.

There are a lot of considerations in designing to do live art. When it comes to art in ministry, many of them have nothing to do with the art.

What are your considerations for the work you do when you’re “letting your light shine before men?”

I just wanted to remind you all about It’s a great way to challenge yourself every week. They give a one-word challenge each Friday and you create whatever the word brings to mind. Then just post it to their site and see what everyone else comes up with. What a fantastic way to break creative block.

Okay this was a first. I got the challenge of the week and I had to look up the word. I remembered it from seventh grade english but seventh grade a a LONG time ago so here’s what it means.

 1. the formation of a word from a sound associated with what is named (e.g., cuckoosizzle ).
Here’s how I designed it. Please forgive me I was in a strange mood.
Is there any spiritual significance to this? Not really. I just find the idea of words made out of sound effects amusing.
Here’s another example of onomatopoeia…
Hope you like ’em.

Maybe it’s because of the era I’m from, but I can’t hear the word “jungle” (this week’s challenge) without hearing “Welcome to the Jungle.” Because of this, my first thought ws to do a cartoon of Axl Rose facing down an actual lion and shaking in his kilt. It would have been funny, but then I thought of something more important.
He had his day in the sun, 2000 years ago, give or take, as he watched the Son of God gasping for every breath, hanging on the cross. He had managed to convince the very people Jesus came to save to scream for his execution. You know he was elated when he heard the words, “It is finished.” Ah sweet victory, but sometimes victory is short lived, especially when you mess with God.

Oh, make no mistake about it, there was victory that day, but it was not as it appeared. Not many days before, Jesus reminded His disciples that He would die for their sins and that no one takes His life away but that He lays it down freely. He has the power to lay down His life and the power to take it up again. What looked like victory was really a crushing defeat for death, hell, the grave and the devil as Jesus paid the price for our sins and bought eternal life for all who would believe. Jesus won the victory. In His human form, he looked easy to defeat for the mighty fallen angel, but the fatal flaw was forgetting that the suffering servant was also the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Welcome to the Jungle.

The latest challenge was the word, ROBOT. It got me thinking about one of the charges I hear against God. Why would God allow sin to enter the world? It’s a deep question but part of the reason is because we’re not robots. We’re not pre-programed. God loves us and wants us to love Him, but love requires a choice. To have a choice, there has to be an alternative. There is an option, we can choose God or choose sin and because they are at opposite ends of the continuum to choose one is to choose against the other.

Moses set a choice to the Israelites, they could choose God or they could choose the gods of the people God drove out before them. He set before them blessings and curses and then he said choose live that you might live.

You have a choice, you’re not a ROBOT… Choose life… Choose Jesus.

The challenge this week was the word “travel.” Since traveling is one of the things I really want to do with this ministry, I decided to do this little piece. Have Paint Will Travel. I speed paint, tell stories and use it all to introduce people to Jesus and help them to find and use their gifts to serve the Lord. I love to use this gift to serve the Lord, it’s been an awesome adventure.

If you like to use art to serve the Lord, the design is available on a shirt, proceeds benefit fulfilling the mission of this ministry.