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My Second Best Friend

Posted: May 5, 2021 in Uncategorized

Today I am missing my second best friend and several others as well. I hope you will indulge me a little today. My second best friend is my wife Dawn. We have been apart for about a week and a half, with probably the better part of a week to go. No, she hasn’t left me, nor have I left her (well maybe technically I did, but only temporarily). You see our son was exposed to COVID. When we found this out, we felt the best solution was for me to go and stay at the church parsonage, so that I could keep working and keep the church open. To be honest, he had been exhibiting allergy symptoms for a while, which is nothing new. I figured he would get a test and I would be back home in no time. Well it turns out he tested positive, so now I am here for quite a while longer. For the record I decided to get tested as well and came back negative.

It’s amazing how dependent you can become on a person. Dawn and I have been together well over half our lives and I miss her. Yes we both have plenty to keep us busy. She is showing no symptoms and is able to do her work from home and I am working as well, but I definitely am missing being with her. That “two become one” thing is real. It’s like part of me is missing and as much as I love what I do, I can’t wait to get home.

For the record I am also missing my sons. I also have the privilege of putting my grandson on the school bus several mornings a week and I haven’t been able to do that either. I know compared to what some have lost, what I am missing is trivial, but I’m missing them a lot. My wife truly is my other half, she’s my second best friend, because it was her who introduced me to my Best Friend. Praying that I will be able too get home soon. Thanks for indulging me. We’ll go back to art and ministry tomorrow.