The Imaginative Church Workshop

I am currently looking for churches (as well as camps, and other venues) to partner with me in presenting The Imaginative Church Workshop, based on my upcoming book, The Imaginative Church. This full-day workshop is designed to help churches to embrace creativity and to empower the creative people in their midst, especially in the areas of Worship, Christian Education and Evangelism. (Or as I call it, “Preaching, Teaching and Reaching.”)

The day begins with a live creative arts demonstration, where I demonstrate the power of imagination in the context of the local church, using art and storytelling. The day then continues with a combination of guided hands-on exercises designed to expand the participants thinking on creative approaches to ministry and to consider new ways of utilizing the gifted people in their midst.

As an added bonus for partnering ministries, I am also offering a presentation of my Pictures of Jesus program the evening of the event (if desired).

The basic schedule of the day is as follows:

  • Registration
  • Demonstration Session on Imagination:
    • Imagine the Possibilities featuring live paintings and storytelling by Dave Weiss
  • Teaching Session 1 “But I’m Not Creative” Overcoming the Fear of Creativity
    • Short hands on exercise
  • Teaching Session 2 “Creative Worship” Stepping Out of the Boat
    • Hands-On Project Creatively Expressing Matthew 14:21-33
  • Lunch
  • Teaching Session 3 “Sometimes It’s All About Who You Know” Identifying and Empowering the Creatives in Your Congregation
    • Short Hands On Exercise
  • Teaching Session 4: Teaching In Story: Exploring the Parables
    • Hands on project teaching a Parable
  • Teaching Session 5: Going Beyond the Walls Exploring Creative Outreach
    • Hands On Exercise Brainstorming Creative Outreach

Interested? Contact Dave to set something up.

What Participants Have to Say About the Imaginative Church Workshop:
I did the first Imaginative Church Workshop for the Church of the Brethren’s Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center as a continuing education event this past April. Here is what some of the participants had to say about what they found useful:

  • It was refreshing to be able to see the variety of ideas that are derived from the same story. I liked how you used secular rock world to show the love of God.
  • Art projects were fun
  • Getting to practice art while meditating on the learning
  • All the examples of finding people’s gifts and using them in church

and here’s what my host had to say about the event:

David brings a pastoral spirit to his workshops as he encourages participants to use their imagination in ministry. Even a person who feels they “can’t draw a thing” will benefit from David’s leadership. We don’t need to be skilled artists to use our creativity as we work together in ministry. David’s workshops are excellent for everyone in the congregation: whether pastor, teacher, youth leader, or simply an interested participant, you will be enriched.
-Donna M. Rhodes
Executive Director
Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center

Interested? Contact Dave to set something up.

Requirements for Partnering Ministries:

  • Space: Large open space with covered tables and a chair for each participant. A fellowship hall/gym space is preferable as participants will be working with art materials throughout the day, tarps on floors may also be desirable in carpeted spaces. (We can also alter materials used if this is not possible).
  • Materials: If I’m driving in, I bring all art materials with me. If I need to fly in, I will provide a list of necessary materials to be secured by the partnering ministry. I use very simple materials because part of the object of all of this is for participants to see things they can easily replicate in their home church environments.
  • Sound and Visuals: Projector and sound for PowerPoint presentation. (If I am driving in, I have a system capable of handling a small to medium room.)
  • Lodging: Lodging for the evenings before and after the event, if I am traveling more than 150 miles from Mohrsville, PA. Lodging in someone’s home is fine.

  • Promotion of the event:
    I will provide an assortment of printable promotional materials in PDF format, and other materials on request. My hope is that this would be a true partnership, with the partnering ministry benefiting financially as well.
  • Securing CEUs: Some denominations have organizations willing to provide Credit Equivalency Units for these workshops.
  • Book Table: (Optional) I just need a simple table to sell some of the resources I have created related to the event.
  • Lunch: Some churches provide lunch, others in close proximity to restaurants, simply provide a “lunch on your own” provision.


  • Because I am passionate about this ministry, I have tried to keep the fees low for this event, so as to reach the largest possible amount of people. I charge $30 per participant (with a minimum of 10 participants), plus mileage to and from the event at the prevailing rate, or airfare, as necessary. I am willing to waive the mileage fee for larger groups depending on the distance I have to travel. My hope is that the partnering ministry will add something to the fee to benefit their own ministry as well. My prayer is that this ministry will benefit everyone involved and glorify God in the process.

What You Can Expect From Me.

  • Timely communication before the event.
  • A lively, energetic, engaging, workshop that honors God.
  • Real world experience and professionalism.
  • Availability to participants after the presentation.
  • A fun and creative day for all involved.

My Bio:

Dave Weiss has been a creative professional most of his life, having worked as an artist, graphic designer and illustrator for over 30 years. When he received his call to ministry, he began to seek ways to utilize the arts and creativity in all aspects of ministry through his ministry Since 2012 Dave has done creative arts ministry in over 230 different churches, camps and other venues in 17 states. He has a degree in creative ministry from Kingdom Bible College and Seminary and is an ordained minister currently serving as pastor of Springfield Church of the Brethren in Coopersburg, PA. Dave is the Author and/or Illustrator of over 18 books, including Running A.M.O.K: Random Musings for the Creative Hands of the Body of Christ, Ministering to the Creative Soul, Enough. God and the Fine Art of Measuring Up and his soon to be released The Imaginative Church and it’s accompanying workbook. He is married to Dawn, and they have two sons, Brandon who is a farmer and Chris who is a teacher.

Interested? Contact Dave to set something up.