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If you’ve ever wanted to see what I do in person, I got a great new video clip made from my friend Mark Myers at Smoky Roberts Film and Video Productions. He did a great job. I really love this message because it really sums up my passion for ministry and Mark did a great job capturing it.
I really hope you’ll take the time to check it out.

I just spent four days ministering at Little Swatara Church of the Brethren. It was a great time. There were quite a few people that I grew up with there and it was great to reconnect. I spoke on the parables. One thing I have become convinced of is that if we as believers will apply the principles of these stories to our lives, they will help us to live a better “stories.” Here are a few pics. Thanks to Pastor Matt Christ for the invite and all you did for me and thanks to Mark Myers for doing all the video work. I can’t wait to see the clips.

I love to do this kind of ministry so if your church could ever use a few days of challenging, renewing messages combining art and the word of God, please contact me.

I know God is good and I trust Him. Still there are times where I wonder if I am doing everything right and if I am making enough of the right efforts, especially with my speaking ministry. I’m a pastor and so I want to make sure I am being faithful to the people and the God who have called me to lead at this time while also being faithful to my call beyond the walls. It can be a real balancing act but it is also a tremendous blessing. Still I sometimes find myself wondering if I am doing enough to promote the speaking ministry. My bookings are a little off what they sometimes are by this time of the year and my summer looks a little slim. About the time I start to wonder, I get a reminder. In this case from a dear friend who feels led to bring me in to his ministry multiple times this year. It’s just another reminder that while I am called to be faithful, God’s faithfulness will exceed mine every single time.

So here’s the point you should take from this. Do your best to honor God with everything you do. Put forth your best efforts, do all that you feel led to do and work hard. This is called faithfulness. After that it’s up to God and He can always be trusted.

You need to do your part and then you need to trust.

God provides.

If you feel led to bring my ministry to your church or organization you can contact me by clicking here.

Hey everyone, I’m a booked pretty heavily this weekend and it looks like we could have some interesting weather. I have a class Saturday morning a presentation Saturday night and I start spiritual renewal services on Sunday. Lots of driving coming up and I really could use decent roads for it. Could you pray for safety and/or/both good weather for me? I would really appreciate it.

And of course if you ever need an artist speaker for your church, I can be contacted here.

Well I did it today. I overcommitted. I had a last minute opportunity to paint and help someone out and I was already committed to an activity where to be honest I didn’t feel particularly needed. I figured that activity would have plenty of help, and since I’m not usually real useful in that area, I committed to paint. It was a mistake on my part. As it turns out, there was not enough help for the other activity and I was really needed. What to do?

Here’s the thing. I was already committed for the first activity and I probably should have just stuck with that and said “no” to the painting engagement. Why didn’t I? I usually do. I’m not a fan of overbooking. I think it comes down to confidence. I don’t mind helping with the other activity, but I never feel like an asset. It’s outside my gifting and all in all I am pretty useless at it. Given the opportunity to do something that is right in my wheelhouse, I rationalized that I was useless to the other activity and I would be doing the greater good by painting. As it turns out, I was wrong. The team for the first activity was dwindling due to sickness and prior commitments and as such they were hurting for people. I made an assumption based on my perceived strengths and weaknesses and left some friends in the lurch, well sort of.

My friends were kind and charitable but I could tell I disappointed them. I think that’s what I learned and maybe what you can learn. Strengths and weaknesses aside, commitments are commitments. Also don’t sell yourself short. There is something all of us can do and sometimes just stepping up and helping out, even if you’re just another warm body or a pair of hands is the most useful thing you can do. If you say you’re going to do something, and people are depending on you, step up and do what you said you would do even if you don’t feel like you’ll be much of an asset. Sometimes what’s really important is that you showed up and did what you said you would do.

My story has a happy ending. As I finished my church service yesterday morning, I headed out the door to get my painting stuff to do the painting project. While I was excited to paint, I couldn’t help feeling like I was really letting my other friends down. I arrived at the painting venue a few minutes early and double checked the address of my prior commitment. It was less than a half hour away. So I did my painting, I was happy with it and had a great time meeting new people and ministering in my gifting. Also by the time I had finished and loaded out, I was about 45 minutes from the start of my other commitment. I decided to hurry over and help my friends out. As it turned out all the skilled work was already done and all that was needed was people who could do exactly what I can do in that arena, labor and serve. I ended up being quite useful and it all worked out.

Please do not take this as an excuse to overcommit yourself. I was really blessed to be able to make all that work out. It almost never works like that. Instead learn from my mistake and honor your commitments whether you feel you’ll be useful or not.

You may be gifted in one area, but you are useful in many. Serve faithfully.

Last night was my last official painting/speaking engagement of the year. for the record, I still have all my messages at my home church to do (including a paint party tonight) and I am really excited about them all, but my time on the road is finished for the year with my drive home today. I had only one presentation to do, a brand new Christmas presentation called “Unto us” based on Isaiah 9:2, 6&7. It was only a half hour and it may have been even a little abbreviated because frankly it was freezing.

You see I was at the Camp Eder Christmas Tree Fest. The camp is in Fairfield, PA not far from Gettysburg. It’s an annual event that is beautifully done. The staff of the camp wraps the place in lights and various individuals and churches decorate individual trees, which are then judged by the people who attend the event. There is great food and entertainment and even horse-drawn carriage rides each of the three nights. Then at the end of the night the people gather for a time worship in a pavilion that is wrapped in plastic on the sides to keep out (some of) the cold. Of course the pavilion is also beautifully decorated and this is where I spoke and painted.

I love this event. Last year when I spoke, the temperature was probably close to 60 degrees this year it had to be in the mid 30s or less. It was well below the paint manufacturer’s temperature recommendations and I could tell the paint was a bit sluggish as I applied it to my painting surface. Still I came out with a workable speed painting. The temperature sent a lot of the people home rather than coming to worship, and the ones who did come were well bundled, but you know what? It was a really nice time of worship. Sensitive to the cold and my “audience’s” needs, I kept my message a little shorter, but I made sure to hit all the main points and made a clear presentation of the Gospel. I was truly blessed by this evening and I pray the rest of the people were as well. God is faithful.

This was a really well run event all the way around. It is a prime example of people using creativity to minister the Gospel and raise some much needed funds for a worthy cause by using their gifts. Needless to say I love this approach and I hope to be invited back next year.

Looking back, this year has been a whirlwind. My first year in “full-time” ministry (some day soon we’re going to look at what that means) has been a good one. I had the opportunity to go our and speak about 30 times while doing my best to minister to all the needs of my congregation. I feel like it’s been pretty good. Some might question how both things can be done, but here’s the thing. Pastoring the church keeps me relational. It allows me to build relationships with my congregation and meet their needs while building up my ministry skills, making me more attentive (though I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a work in progress) and keeping me connected. It also helps me to relate to all the pastors who allow me the privilege of speaking to their congregations. The speaking ministry gives me a rich array of opportunities and stories that cannot help but make my messages to my home congregation much better and richer. It also makes me a much better speaker. To be really honest, I don’t think I would be very good at either of these ministries without the other. As a matter of fact, I don’t even consider them two ministries, because, for the reasons listed above and many more, I feel they feed each other and God uses both of them to make me a more complete minister.

So that’s it for the traveling for 2016. and I hope I finished well. I’m looking forward to the opportunities that will present themselves for 2017, but first, there is still a lot of ministry to be done at my home church as we celebrate the Christmas season together.

Hey everyone, time for a little shameless self-promotion. I am currently looking for opportunities to minister at churches over the next year. As you may know, my presentations combine speed painting, storytelling, preaching God’s Word and more. I will soon be rolling out my new presentation entitled:


The purpose of this presentation is to inspire people to see how God works in our lives and the wonderful things God wants to do in and through us; how he touches our imagination, breathes His life into our creations, transforms us from the inside out and helps us to do the work of creating a better life and a better world, all while preparing His Kingdom for His return. I will be presenting this as a revival series this weekend (at Sunnyside Church of the Brethren in West Virginia) and I am hoping to bring it to many other churches as well. Of course I am certainly also willing to bring any of my other Gospel presentations as well.

My mission is to build up the body of Christ, by doing the two things that radically changed my life: Introducing people to Jesus and helping people find and use their gifts to the glory of God. I’d love to come along side you to help to raise up willing, creative servants that will help you to reach your community. Please contact me at for more information. You can also use my handy booking form by clicking here.