Need a Creative Coach?

I have really been blessed by my coach and the way he has sowed into my life. He really helps me to clarify my thinking and focus on what’s important and I have seen huge improvements in my ministry since I’ve started working with him. I can really see the benefits of having a coach and have decided that this is a service I should offer through AMOKArts.

My focus is on my field of expertise, helping folks in creative ministry and other realms of creativity. I’ve been a visual artist all my life and professionally for over 25 years. I’ve worked with numerous other creative organizations both professionally and as a volunteer and my passion is creativity and helping creatives in the church of Jesus Christ. I’ve been running for about 15 years, speaking, doing art ministry and workshops all over the country and pastored a church for over 10 years and was a youth leader before that. I’ve published two books on the subject of creativity in the church with several more in the works. I believe thaks to God, I have something to offer to creatives in the Kingdom and I’d like to help you.

I’m posting to see if there may be any interest in these services from among the readers? I am still trying to work out what my fees and things might be. I plan on keeping the fees very reasonable and over delivering as much as possible.

I am offering a free introductory session. If you have an interest, please fill out the form below. I’d love to help you if I can.

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