promophotoIt’s not JUST about the art… 

AMOKArts is about PASSION
It’s about a passion to know Jesus and make Him known.

AMOKArts is about VISION
It’s about helping people to find God’s plan and purpose for their lives, to find and use their gifts to glorify God, serve others and make the world a better place.

AMOKArts is about MISSION
It’s about helping churches to empower their people to be all God intended them to be so the church can fulfill the mission God has given them.

I want to help people and churches to have a passion for Jesus, live their vision and accomplish their mission. Art is the tool, but it’s all about Jesus. I’d love to come to your church, participate in your program, paint and call and help people find and use their gifts to serve the Lord. Contact me today!

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This short video does help unto understand some of the movements in modern art.

Check it out.

With Adult Coloring being all the rage these days, I thought I would create a little something special for the holiday. Download it, print it, color it and give it to someone you love.

Happy Valentines Day from

Jessie Nilo is the leader of VineArts, an amazing arts ministry in Boise, Idaho and Founder of, a great online art ministry school. I am currently taking her Art Ministry 101 class. On a recent handout, she shared these words that bear repeating on the subject of creating in the Kingdom of God. These should alleviate the pressures we all feel as we create.

“…Ask God for the gift of His presence and creativity in your encounter with Scripture, but remember: Your worth will never be affected one iota by ANYTHING you can possibly create or not create. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

This is so key for all of us as Christian creatives. There is a very real temptation to get our self worth from our creations. I remember working a job where it never seemed to matter how good the work I did was. I was only ever as good as my last typo, my last mistake. It was devastating and heartbreaking. The most traumatic time of every year was when the piece I was working on would ship, because I was nearly traumatized by the fear that there would be a mistake. I felt worthless every single time it happened. My self worth was tied up in my own perfection and as soon as it was revealed, (surprise, surprise, surprise) that I wasn’t perfect, the feelings of worthlessness came to call.

My worth and yours are not found in the work that we do, they are found in the price paid for us by the One who matters most. You are valuable because you are a child of God and no one and nothing can take that away.

Do the best work you can do, but find your value in Christ. If you do, you will experience true freedom.

What do you do when you’re out of ideas and you need to create. One of my favorite things is to hit the Scriptures. Case in point, this week I was having difficulty coming up with the content for next week’s Creacher cartoons. Where oh where could I find short pithy sayings for cartoon “gags.” Well considering I want them to be humorous but with a solid point, why not the book that holds some of the great wisdom of all time, the book of Proverbs? I am reading through them as part of my devotions right now and before long I had a week’s worth of cartoons written and ready to go.

The Word of God is a great source for Christian creative projects of all kinds. The trick though is knowing what’s in there and where you can find it. Of course there are tons of sources for finding what you’re looking for in the Bible, but there is one thing that will trump them all…

Picking it up and reading it.

So Hit the Word. You’ll be glad you did.

Many people believe the main desire of the human soul is to be loved. I can agree with that sentiment, but before that, I believe there is something else. To be known? Yes, but more specifically to be understood.

Have you ever had a time when you were trying to communicate something and words just failed? You just couldn’t get your point across. Isn’t it maddening? I think we all want to be understood and if that is ultimately our goal, then we are all in the communication business. We’re trying to help people to see things our way. We’re trying to communicate something that we feel is urgent or essential and the more we care about the recipient, the more urgent the need becomes.

How can you make yourself understood? Well there are a couple things to keep in mind.

Language. Now I’m not just talking about whether you speak English, or Spanish, or Mandarin, or whatever. I’m also talking about those subtle nuances that help our words to connect. My wife will often tell me after I speak that she felt I used a slang or a figure of speech that some of the people didn’t understand. Humor doesn’t always translate and of course there are things that just simply should not be said. The audience understood you perfectly but they were offended or appalled and so they tuned you out. Also, and this is a huge one, don’t try to impress people with how smart you are. If you talk over people’s heads, using words that they will not understand, it may make you feel intellectually superior (you might even be intellectually superior) but when it comes to being understood, you failed. The dirty little secret of communication is it’s not about you. The story may be, but the object of communication is ALWAYS the audience.

Listening. One of the best ways to communicate is to start by shutting up. Listen to what the other person is saying, (because it’s about them, remember?) then when you have some understanding of where they are coming from, then speak. Otherwise you run the risk of answering questions they’re not asking. Again this may satisfy your ego, but it will do precious little to help you be understood. If communication is always about them (and it is) then what’s in it for them is paramount to being understood. The best teachers understood this. It took years to understand why I ever had to learn algebra.

Love. The old adage rings true. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. While this is essential in all modes of communication, it is essential in communication of God’s message. The admonition to speak the truth in love comes to mind. Without love we come across like a bunch of holier-than-thou know-it-alls and you would never have that many hyphens in your title. Remember the purpose of communication is to be understood and in order to be understood, you have to be heard, and in order to be heard the other party (the one it’s all about) had to be listening. Turn them off and they’ll do the same to you.

Communication is critical, urgent and always about the recipient. Keep that in mind.

When my sons were younger I used to show them a great little PBS show called Pappy Land. It was all about making art and I was sort of hoping one of them would get the drawing bug. Neither of them really did, though they are both creative in their own ways. Nonetheless I still take a fair amount of ribbing over Pappy Land and it only got worse when I became a Pappy. The first lines of the theme song for the show were “Did You Ever Want to Paint? Did You Ever Want to Draw?” Well I still try to help people learn to paint, draw, etc.

These three titles are my latest efforts. Two Adult Coloring Books and a Bible Art Journal.

I also have several books with creative prompts that you might enjoy.


To get your copy of the book, just click its cover. I know I have posted a few posts like this recently. To be honest, I am trying to keep my Amazon referrals page open. They will cost my account if I do no make some sales and these links bring a little bit of income to this ministry so I am trying to keep them open. If any of these books sound interesting to you, please pick them up. I’ve done my best to make some really useful tools here and I believe they will be a blessing.

I posted this video a few years ago but it’s more true now than ever. The church’s Gospel message faces more competition for the limited time of our mission field every single day. What will you do to fulfill your call to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth? The time to get creative is now. Please spread this video far and wide.

How can I help you fulfill your mission. I would love to come to your church and share this message with your congregation. Contact me for details.