promophotoIt’s not JUST about the art… 

AMOKArts is about PASSION
It’s about a passion to know Jesus and make Him known.

AMOKArts is about VISION
It’s about helping people to find God’s plan and purpose for their lives, to find and use their gifts to glorify God, serve others and make the world a better place.

AMOKArts is about MISSION
It’s about helping churches to empower their people to be all God intended them to be so the church can fulfill the mission God has given them.

I want to help people and churches to have a passion for Jesus, live their vision and accomplish their mission. Art is the tool, but it’s all about Jesus. I’d love to come to your church, participate in your program, paint and call and help people find and use their gifts to serve the Lord. Contact me today!

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Every creative has had the reverse of this conversation. Someone, usually well meaning, trying to guide us away from the arts and into something “more lucrative.”

That’s why I loved this cartoon I saw on social media. Brad Diller posted it to his Sunday Morning comic and it’s brilliant. A dad is talking to his son and encouraging him to practice his art in case he can’t make it as a lawyer. You can see the cartoon here.

Friends, giftedness is giftedness. Take it from someone who blew a year of his life and ten grand because no one thought he could make it as an artist. Yet here I am 35 years later, far from starving and having had a pretty good life working in the creative field. Was everything I’ve done fun? No! Did I hate some of it? Yes, but hard work and determination combined with finally learning to follow the guidance of God have led to a pretty good life.

Along the way, the direction changed. Back in the day I didn’t think speaking or ministry would ever be a part of my life, nor did I imagine I would be the author of any books, let alone all these, not to mention the fact that the internet didn’t exist, but through a chain of events and openness to God’s guidance, many facets of life came into focus, I learned how to do what I need to do and I think that is what I am saying.

A life in the arts is possible, but you have to be willing to do the work, do what it takes, suffer through some stuff and keep being open to following God’s leading and to new ideas. The path will probably not be traditional, and it will have twists and turns and more than a few aggravations, but you can get somewhere if you’re willing to do what it takes.

Have you seen it? This Star Wars fan mom picked up a little treat for herself and made a video to prove it was hers and not for the kids, a talking Chewbacca mask. She puts it on and just starts cracking up on video. She shared it just for her friends, just as a joke.
Here it is…

It’s had millions of views which is phenomenal, and there has been quite a bit of blessings that come from it.

Now she’s been on The Late Late Show with James Corden with Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams.

What can we learn from this? Well first of all motivation is king. This was a person not trying to go viral, just someone who posted for the fun of it. It’s not scripted or formulaic it’s just honest and it’s fun.

Secondly, joy is contagious. Seeing this person just cracking up makes us smile and in this case it made us want to share and share and share. Maybe we should learn from this that the world could use a little joy. What would happen if all of us would spend a little more time trying to bring a little joy to the world. Now that sounds like a worthy project.

Give it a shot. You never know what could happen.

buggyBlogging 101: Step 1. Pick a provocative title that will get people to read.

Now that I have your attention, if you think this is a drug culture reference, you’re new here, so welcome! But no, this has nothing to do with drugs. As a matter of fact, it is from the Bible. You see in the ten commandments we are instructed to remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy. It is to be a day where no work is done. Later in the law, a penalty is issued for God’s people who break the Sabbath. The penalty is death, more specifically stoning.

Now of course, we don’t do that anymore, but I am sort of stuck at this place. You see I believe that God knew how hard it would be to get people to take a break and trust Him and so He made the penalty quite severe. Essentially the law was saying rest or die.

Now I know some of you will want to challenge me for being legalistic, so just to be clear, I’m not. And some of you might want to quote Jesus and say, “The sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath.” I agree with that too, but look at what we just said. “The Sabbath was made for man.” Who made it? God. Why did He make it for man? As a gift to give us margin to rest from our labors and reconnect with God and so I revisit my original question.

Would my Sabbath get me stoned?

Last week was for the most part a good week. In the first few days, I prepped for and had a colonoscopy, which was necessary and productive, but hard to call it good. The day after the test, I packed up the van and went to the church planting conference for my denomination where I both sowed into other people and then got sown into and that was great. Then I traveled home and ministered at my church where we have a great service. Then finally I got home. It was a great time but I was very tired, and since pastors work Sundays, I decided today, Monday, would be my Sabbath, a day of rest and here’s where I get twisted up.

You see my main job is ministry, so I didn’t do any church work. I spent some time on my hobby (see the pic above). The problem was there were a few things that needed to be done. Having been away all last week and with it having rained every day, my grass was high and rain is forecasted for the next few days, there were also a few other things that got neglected while I was away, so I tended to them as well. The whole time, I sat there thinking, “Is this the way I should be spending a Sabbath?” I don’t really have a good answer to this. There’s always something that comes up in this hyper busy life, yet I also know there have been times in my life where my negligence on rest has forced my body to make me rest. I also know that part of the reason God was so strict on Sabbath was because we have a tendency to live as if everything depends on us and conversely as if we can’t depend on Him.

This difficulty is compounded in the life of us creatives. We often really love what we do, which blurs the lines. So here’s what I am going to try to do. I am going to try to set aside some time each day dedicated to the Lord and block that time out. I do this now, but I will be more intentional and “strict” (for lack of a better word) about it. During that time I will do nothing but things that connect me personally with the Lord. This means I will not sneak my sermon prep in there, but make it “me and Jesus” time. I will still try to still take a day as well. At the end of the day, rest is a gift from God the God who knows exactly what we need. We skip it at our peril, whether we get stoned or not.

I wrote a post on this a bit ago on the song Imagine. Here I broke it down into a few words.

A few months ago I was asked to present at a church planters conference. I was given two different topics. Did I want to speak on Hope or Imagination? I said, “Yes!” I really wanted to speak on both, but they had another person to take the opposite. Still I had the choice. I chose imagination, because I was struck by this thought.

“You can have imagination without hope. We see it all the time, but you can’t have hope without imagination. In order to have hope, you have to imagine something better.”

Imagine better. With God all things are possible.

This is a friendly reminder of our purpose as Christ’s ambassadors.

It all depends on your perspective. I got this from Odditude by John R. Powers.
This is great stuff.