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We’re creeping up on Easter. Now if you’re in any kind of ministry, one thing becomes readily apparent. Where for the rest of the year you can pick from virtually any subject matter when it comes to Christmas and Easter, most people expect that you will stick with those two most important of stories. The downside of this is they are stories that people have heard so often I fear they take it for granted. This provide a unique opportunity to be creative, to help them see the story with fresh eyes. Before I tell you the direction I’m thinking of I thought I’d ask you, how would you express Easter to help people see the greatest story ever told through fresh eyes?

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Well today is the launch of The Daily Creative over at and The Daily Creative Facebook Page and while that’s kind of a separate thing from what we’re doing here, this first project very clearly applies to this first day of a new year.
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Well I just finished my last piece for the year. 365 pieces of art one for every day of the year. Now as you know I did many more than that, and there were days where I didn’t finish a piece. Represented in this collection are also pieces that took several days to finish. Nonetheless I have at least one creation complete for each day of the year. Any creative project counted as long as I was creating something.

The reason I did this was not just for me, I already create nearly every day. No, I did this for the reader or viewer who think’s he or she doesn’t have time to create, to show you that you do. There are those slack moments those little pieces of downtime and if you use some of the to create, you’ll be amazed at what you can create.

Not only that but the more you create, the more you improve upon your skills and let’s never forget, It’s supposed to be fun.

For next year, I am going to help this along. I am currently working on a book called The Daily Creative. Basically this book provides a creative challenge for every day of the year. I’ll be posting a page from this book every day over at and over on The Daily Creative Facebook page starting tomorrow.

Additionally for 2017, one of the areas where I constantly fall short is in there area of marketing and promotion. I plan to work on rectifying that for this year, so rather than creating a piece of art every day, I plan on creating as many marketable products as I can in 2017, with a minimum of one a week. This will include books and lessons, speaking presentations, as well as things like t-shirts, art products, articles, etc.
I will post these here and on I hope you will join me for the journey. It’s going to be fun.

Here is the video I made of all of this year’s creations. 2016 was a year in art. 2017 is upon us…

Just Make Art!

ccwSo here we are, rushing headlong into the Christmas season. The thing is, in creative ministry, the things we do usually take quite a bit of preparation, so by now we would be working well ahead of Christmas. To give you a taste of this, let’s plan ahead.

You see, I often tell my congregation that while Christmas is far and away the most popular holiday in our world, we must never forget that the purpose of Christmas is Good Friday and the purpose of Good Friday is Easter. The creative challenge this week is to create something you could present to share the Good Friday, Easter story. Trust me when I tell you, it will be here before you know it. 

How would you express Jesus laying down His life for you and me? How would you express the glory of His resurrection? Start brainstorming and get some things down on paper. How could your from of creativity portray the rest of (and best of)the story?

For extra credit, share your thoughts with your pastor or church leadership and try to get on the schedule to present it as part of your church’s Holy Week celebration.
Post your results in the comments or on the Facebook Page

ccwI was originally going to wait until January 1 to start this, but I decided to get a jump on it and start it today. As a pastor, Sunday is a very busy day and it has been notoriously hard to get a post done on Sunday, so I have decided to make a slight change to the format of this blog. Sunday will now be the day when I issue the creative challenge of the week. The reason for this is pretty simple. I can post these well in advance, as I think of them. Each Sunday will be a new creative challenge and you will have a full week to create your answer to that challenge and post a link to it in the comments below. If you don’t have a place to post your work, you can post it to the AMOKArts Facebook page. I’m looking forward to seeing your work.

This week’s challenge might be a reaction to Friday’s Black Friday mayhem, but in the Spirit of “it’s the thought that counts” The challenge is simple, make at least one hand made gift for someone you love this year. Give them something from the heart that you know will bless them immensely. Then when you’re done tell us about it in the comments below and be sure to share a link so we can see your work!

Well it’s almost the day. A day some people call turkey day and while I do plan on eating a decent amount of turkey, you’ll never hear me call it that. It’s Thanksgiving. Some people say it’s the day when the Pilgrims thanked the Native Americans for helping them to survive in the new world, that’s not even close. Oh I have no doubt they were grateful and it seems they blessed their new neighbors with a feast, but their Thanksgiving was to God. Thanksgiving is a day about God and our gratitude to Him for all His provisions, even for kind neighbors who help us out. We would have absolutely nothing if it were not for God. We would not exist at all were it not for God.

Think about what God did. The creation account seems pretty clear. God made everything. Lastly He created humanity and after He created humanity, He gave everything to us. When sin separated us from Him, our imperfection barring us both from His perfect heaven and from the relationship He desires to have with us, He gave His perfect Son to pay our price. We enter heaven wrapped in the perfection of the perfect One, Jesus Christ. God gave His perfect Son for you. If you ever question your value as a human being read that last sentence again. God gave His perfect Son for you. This should make us immensely joyful and even more grateful and it is with that gratitude that we give thanks. Giving thanks? Thanksgiving!

So here’s the question, how can you use the creative gifts He has given (another reason to be thankful) to express your gratitude to the Lord? How can you do that in such a way that people see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven? You see, God didn;t just give His Son for you. He gave His son for everyone who will believe. God made Him who had no sin to be sin for us so that in Him we would be the righteousness of God. Through the sacrifice of Jesus, God reconciled us to Himself, then just after, He entrusted us with the ministry of reconciliation, showing others how to be reconciled to God. This is our mission and fulfilling that mission should spring out of our gratitude.

How will you express your gratitude?