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One of the things it can be difficult for us to overcome as Christians is the need for control. I’m not talking about self-control. That’s a fruit of the Spirit and it is extremely important in our lives. What I am talking about is control of the outcomes of what we do specifically in the realm of our work. We sometimes don’t want to do anything until all the circumstances are just right, we have all we need and we know what we do is going to be well received. 

I won’t lie, I like it when everything lines up too. I like to work with the highest probability of success possible too. The problem is, very rarely will all those things line up, especially in service to the Lord. He wants us to walk by faith. He wants us to step out onto the waters and keep our eyes on Him. He wants us to start faithfully trusting Him for the outcome. He wants us to give Him control and trust Him to understand what true success is for whatever we do. 

We have this wonderful verse in Philippians 1. “Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it through to completion in the day of Christ Jesus.” God begins a work in you and He will carry it through to completion. We need to trust that our efforts in Him will reach His desired goal in His timing. Most of the time this means surrendering control to the One who wields it best. At the end of the day, the only thing we control most of the time is the aforementioned self-control and even that is the work of the Spirit. Other than the only thing we can really control is our faithfulness. Will we be faithful enough to (as the once says) trust and obey.

We Christians say, “God is in control.” and we say it a lot. The question is do we work like we believe it? Give God control and you just be faithful.