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People question the existence of God. This video is incredible and gives some perspective on the size and scope of God’s creation. To my mind seeing things like this make the idea that it’s all random look a little sketchy. There is a God. He created everything and He loves you.

can't see the forestThere’s another old saying…

You can’t see the forest for the trees.

It’s this idea that we are so focused on one thing that we miss the big picture. I think it’s like that for us all. Think about it. It’s vacation time for a lot of us. We’ll travel hundreds and maybe thousands of miles to see wonders, some natural and some man-made and all that is great, but consider what we are missing. In the process of our quest to see all these wonders, we tend to overlook God’s greatest most miraculous creation, the creation He created all other creations for… Humanity!

We stare at the ocean and miss those frolicking in it. We stress to stick to an itinerary and end up sniping at the ones we are ultimately taking the trip for. Don’t miss the miracle, and remember you are part of that miracle.

So this year, slow down and capture all that God has created, especially His greatest creation, maybe His greatest miracle, the creation that can itself create… Humanity… YOU! Genesis 1:27 says So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Paint a portrait, take a photo, even just people watch and record WHO you see. Remember, we are created in the image of God. When we express humanity, we capture at least part of His likeness.

Today I want to look at an old saying that in some cases could not be more wrong. It is said:

The Devil is in the details…

I know where the truth is in this statement. The fine print in the contract that rips you off, the disclaimer that makes the offer null and void, the problems they don’t reveal when they sell you the used car or the house, in general it’s the stuff we overlook that comes back to bite us. I get it and in this way the statement is correct.

irisBut there is something more. You see I believe God is in the details. Look at nature. Look at the veins and capillaries in a single leaf, the intricacies of a snowflake, grab a mirror and look closely at the very thing that allows you to see, look at all the structures in the iris of your eye that allow the pupil to dilate and contract allowing your eyes to remain in constant focus. To me, these little details are the signature of the ultimate creative, God Himself. God is amazing and we see his handiwork in the details of life. Romans 1:20 says “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”

Today, go out into nature or look at the nature that is you, and capture those details in whatever art for, you see fit. Then praise the God who is in the details of every day life.

Then share a link to your work with us in the comments.

This post has been inspired by a wonderful book I am using as my devotional right now. God’s Creative Gift-Unleashing the Artist in You: Bible Studies to Nurture the Creative Spirit Within by Jody Thomae

UnknownI went to see a huge exhibition of amazing art on Saturday. The work of THE master creator. No it wasn’t in a museum or a gallery, it as on a lake. You see not far from my house is a large wildlife sanctuary dedicated primarily to waterfowl. What we saw was stunning. It was estimated that around 60,000 snow geese had taken up temporary residence at the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area. We’ve had a particularly cold winter here in PA and most of the lake is still frozen meaning all these amazing beautiful birds concentrated themselves into a fairly small area of open water The result was breathtaking. One could practically walk across the geese. To make matters even better the geese are joined by about 6,000 Tundra Swans.

As my wife and I were marveling at the beauty of these magnificent creatures, a different conversation came up. Why we didn’t hear about snow geese when we were kids. The answer was simple, there weren’t very many. According to National Geographic “In 1916, snow geese had become so rare in the eastern United States that hunting of the species was banned. Since that time, the birds have made a remarkable comeback.” Now of course we weren’t alive in 1916, but when we were goring up in the 70s and early 80s they were still quite rare.

Also according to National Geographic. “Today, populations are thriving. In fact, the birds have become so numerous in places that they threaten to destroy their own habitat.”

Unknown-1By comparison, we saw a rarity yesterday, a ring necked pheasant. What is striking to me is that when I was growing up, these beautiful birds were commonplace. I once saw one strolling down the sidewalk in the midst of an urban area. They were everywhere. I’m not sure what happened to them. My guess is an increase in predators has made their populations dwindle. Many of the animals that eat pheasants used to be trapped for their fur and feral cats (cats released into the wild by owners who no longer wanted to care for them) also decimate the populations.

Why do I share this? God created this amazing world in perfect balance and He put it into our hands to care for. The balance is delicate and we need to be diligent. God has given us something amazing in His great love. Think about the great masterpieces of art. Imagine the Mona Lisa. It is kept in a carefully climate controlled area, you can’t take flash photography of it for fear of damaging it and if someone were to damage it, it would be considered a great crime. The earth sustains our lives. It is a masterpiece and a great gift. We need to care for it.

This video was a lot of fun to make and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I tried to figure out a way to explain salvation to young children. This is what I came up with. What do you think?

This is the final session video for the AMOKArts’ Creation Station Bible School Curriculum shows us how to be a new creation in Christ by looking at two of God’s creatures who start life out looking completely different. To bring Creation Station to your church, contact Dave Weiss at Challenge: Tall

Maybe it’s because school started this week but I just couldn’t get this child-like illustration of a Giraffe made out of the letters spelling the word “tall.” (Yes I know the “L’s” are backwards, call it artistic license.) I know it’s pretty elementary but it was fun to do and it got me thinking.

Did  you ever wonder why you were made the way you were made? I think we all have things in ourselves that we’d  like to change. If that’s you,  consider the giraffe. That long neck has to be a, well, a pain in the neck, but it is actually a perfect design. As a matter of fact here is a whole article about the unique anatomical characteristics designed into the giraffe just to make it work. Ultimately God created an animal capable of eating from the tops of the trees. The giraffe is perfectly designed for what it was intended  to do.

Perhaps so were you. Short or tall, God made us all.

Starting Thursday Morning, I have the awesome privilege of doing paintings at the Youth Leaders Hospitality area with my friends from Interlinc at the Creation Festival East.

Creation Fest 2012

Creation East holds a special place in my heart. It is where that I did my very first foray into ministry, where I baptized my son Chris and saw many people I love come to Christ. I can’t wait. I’m going to be doing some live paintings, giving away my ebook Ministering to the Creative Soul and a couple other goodies. The paintings I do (I’m hoping to do 16) will be given away as prizes and here’s where I need your help. You’ve seen my work. You know what I do.

The question is what paintings should I do to bless these hard working youthworkers? Leave your ideas in the comment section below.

I really am so looking forward to being at Creation East again and seeing my friends from Interlinc. It’s been too long on both counts. This festival often draws 80,000 plus. If you’re one of them please drop by and say, “Hi.” You won’t be able to miss me, I’ll be the one happily chained to the easel.

Also please be praying for me to have divine appointments with people I can help and people who can help me Run AMOK!