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My wife and I were out shopping and she saw these shirts that said, “I Make Things.” I thought it was a great idea, so I decided to do my own take on the phrase. What do you think?


It was a busy day today, but I took some time out to create a new piece of pop art. I call it GoldBot. It was created just for fun and to stretch my creativity a little. I hope you like it.

Well I’m eleven months into my a year in art challenge. I just completed posting the month of November. You can see it here. One more month to go. I have so enjoyed this project and I look forward to sharing what I will be doing in 2017.

Want to have a paint party? I can help you out with that. Great fundraiser or just a fun activity for the whole family. People get two hours of instruction and come away with a 16″x20″ acrylic painting they can take home. It is fun, interactive and entertaining. Here are two of the designs I am offering. If you’d like to have a paint party for your organization, please contact me.

masterpiece2 masterpiece3

I love to draw these things. There’s something about the mystery of drawing an eighth of a design and then seeing what it will look like when it’s all put together. It’s very loose and freeing. This is the closest thing an artist can do to “jamming.” When the TV’s on at the end of a busy day, I just grab a couple of Sharpies and start to jam. It’s fun, plus you know I love to draw some creatures.
Should be out in a week or two.

One of the biggest parts of creativity is seeing a need and meeting it. I will give you a personal example. July 14, 2015 will go down in history of one of the best days of my life. It’s the day my grandson David John was born. My dad is already grandpa or gramps, so I chose to be called pappy after my other grandfather. I was thrilled and wanted the world to know. I decided to go and buy myself a T-shirt. Of course if I had been grandpa my choices would have been almost limitless, but I have yet to see a single shirt with pappy on it. My wife “grammy” has run into the same thing. Likewise I have yet to see a single “I love my pappy” shirt for my grandson. I think that is about to change.
Pappys and nanas, grammys and pop pops, Omas and Opas rejoice. The Pappy Zone is here. This digital apparel shop will feature shirts and other items for the grandparents overlooked by the mainstream companies. I understand why theses make only a few styles in the most popular names. It would be a nightmare to stock as many different names as there are, but thanks to on-demand printers like if you can design it you can make it. The possibilities are endless. This idea is still in the very earliest stages. At this point I have only one design in the store. So why am I sharing it so early? To show you the possibilities. In this digital world, meeting needs and solving problems is easier and cheaper than ever before. There is a way to do virtually anything you want to do very inexpensively. Create the concept and find a way to produce it.

If you are a creative, the possibilities are endless, so get to work!

I’m working on this adult coloring book project and I am rounding third and heading for home with it. Again, this is a general market project, not specifically for the Christian Market. I am having a great time working on this but I’ve written about that before. I would have been finished some time ago, except that as I looked at the work, I began to see that there are two books in my one book, so I decided to split the project into two books, which will release simultaneously, I think.

Then something happened. I woke up one night feeling very uneasy. I really don’t like when that happens, but often it feels like God might be trying to get my attention. I believe this was one of those times. Let me first say, I have not drawn anything inappropriate or anything that I would not show my congregation. There’s nothing in this collection of nearly 80 drawings (so far) that I am ashamed of, but as I began to think and pray, a couple of the images began to stand out as something that could lead someone astray. Even though this is a general market book, my first consideration must always be what does God want. My sensitivities were not triggered by these images, but I trust that the Lord knows the heart of every person who will end up with this book and if He reveals something to me, my intent is irrelevant. If I don’t want to be guilty of leading someone astray, I must heed his voice and do what I feel Him leading me to do. In this case, that means a couple drawings I worked really hard on are going to have to be chopped. Also I have come under conviction on the name Mandala. Mandalas are closely associated with eastern religious practices. That’s not what this is about for me. I just feel that the repeating patterns will be enjoyable to my readers, not to mention me as I create them. I have decided to entitle my work something more neutral. I see these pieces as if I were looking through a kaleidoscope so I am going to call them “Kaleidoscopics.”

This may sound aggravating, but whether or not I am creating for Christians or the general market, my first consideration must be doing God’s will and bringing Him glory, followed closely by not leading anyone astray.

A wise man once said the most important commandment was to love the Lord with all your heart soul and mind, followed closely buy love your neighbor as yourself. If we are faithful, We will accomplish both. If you feel the Spirit leading you to edit, just do it.

You’ll probably be glad you did.

Look for Kaleidoscopics I and Kaleidoscopic Creatures I coming soon to a web site near you.