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My friend John C Brown IV is a brilliant artist. You might call him an abstract impressionist, but I prefer to leave labels to others, and instead just say his work is amazing. He and I used to get together to create from time to time and those were some of the most blessed creative times I have ever had. He was pretty new to making art back then but even his early work showed immense promise. He has since moved with his family to the other side of the country in Bend, OR and so even though I miss those creative times, it is thrilling to see him coming into his own. His work is positively anointed. His latest collection, currently on display at his church’s amazing gallery is entitled simply The Star Series. You have just got to see it to believe it. Check it out here.

I want to do more than just talk about creating here. I also need to be creating. That’s what I did today. I created a couple new graphics for a one I’m working on, influenced by some of my favorite art, the car artists like Big Daddy Roth. It’s not particularly spiritual, I’m not expecting to sell millions of them or anything, it just keeps my skills sharp and satisfies my need to create. Basically what happens is when my family is sitting before the TV, sort of mindlessly watching, I get out the sketchbook and have some fun. It stretches my imagination, I try to figure out how to make the image look the way I picture it in my head, and when I have something I like, I ink it, put it into the mighty MacBook and paint it. When it’s done I upload it to my Zazzle shop and my Deviant Art gallery, in case anyone sees it and wants it, but again it’s mainly just for fun, as well as some artistic growth.

What do you think? How do you keep your skills sharp?

Truth is important. Truth is both powerful and fragile. On one hand the Bible days the truth will set you free, on the other hand if you strip even a little away from truth, it’s no longer true. Christians, we need to deal in truth and truth alone. In a world where so many line up with Pontius Pilate and ask the question “what is truth?” We need to be right there pointing to the One who said I am the truth.

This is both an amazing privilege and a huge responsibility. We are called to be Christ’s ambassadors, this means in this convoluted world, we must be a beacon of truth. This means we read, study and share the truth of God’s Word. It means we don’t share and post things until we know whether or not they’re true. It means we don’t follow the culture for expediency’s sake, or bend the truth to advance our own cause.

My creative brothers and sisters, we have been blessed with abilities for the purpose of communicating God’s truth, and we should use those gifts for all we’re worth, but whether we work in realism or abstraction, whether we create fiction or non-fiction, whether our music is traditional, contemporary, classical, heavy metal or anything in between, what is most urgent is that our work communicates God’s truth.

Sometimes I need to create just for fun. I’ve long been a fan of the old school car artists like Big Daddy Roth, so in my free time I decided to do my own characters in a similar style. Musicians jam and visual artists can do the same. Think of an artist you admire and do your take on their work. You never know what might come of it.

You can get these on T-shirts in my Zazzle store.

My wife and I were out shopping and she saw these shirts that said, “I Make Things.” I thought it was a great idea, so I decided to do my own take on the phrase. What do you think?

It was a busy day today, but I took some time out to create a new piece of pop art. I call it GoldBot. It was created just for fun and to stretch my creativity a little. I hope you like it.

Well I’m eleven months into my a year in art challenge. I just completed posting the month of November. You can see it here. One more month to go. I have so enjoyed this project and I look forward to sharing what I will be doing in 2017.