Dave’s Art Services

Don’t need a speaker. Dave also can offer a wide variety of live art services for your service or event as well as graphic design services for Churches.

Live Worship art/performance” painting

Dave Weiss has been an artist for over 20 years. When he was called to ministry, he began to seek ways to use his creative gifts to serve the Lord and found worship painting. Most paintings are completed start to finish in about 15-20 minutes, and are designed around the theme of your event. I can also do much more deatiled longer pieces, pieces that evolve over time, etc. One of Dave’s favorite things is to hide elements in a piece and reveal them at just the right time to drive the point home. This is perfect for worship services, concerts, conferences, outreaches and more. If speaking as part of the program, Dave prefers to paint to music and speak afterward, or he can paint while your speaker speaks.

This video below shows a timelapsed example of how a worship video might come together.

Many more videos of Dave’s art can be seen by clicking here.

Italian Street Painting
Book Dave Weiss for Italian Street Painting for your Next Event
“I learned Italian Street painting a few years ago and just fell in love with the art form. It started in Italy when artists would duplicate the works of the great masters on the streets outside museums to raise money.” Done with chalk on asphalt or concrete, Italian street painting is a great way to attract people to your outdoor event or in an outreach. Images can be created according to the theme of your event. A piece like this takes four to eight hours to complete and is dependent on weather. When finished, it stays until the rain washes it away.

This can also be done as a workshop, where Dave teaches your group how to do the work themselves. Contact Dave for more information.

See a video of the workshop here.

Custom Graphics and video

Dave Weiss will do custom backgrounds, videos, illustrations and more for your event.

The video at the below is an example of a way graphics can be used to illustrate a point. To see more of Dave’s videos, go to http://www.youtube.com/amokarts

To Book Dave for Your Next Event or Project Click Here!

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