AMOKArts Free Arts Ministry Resources
My new manifesto Ministering to the Creative Soul Free for a limited time.
Ministering to the Creative Soul Free E-book, Dave Weiss

  • Community Pages
  • AMOKArts Youtube Channel
  • Spiritual Graffiti- Learn how to participate in numerous projects on everything from ending malaria to evangelism, using art you give away.
  • Screaming Rocks Don’t let the rocks cry out for you
  • New Creatures/Creations This free resource gives you two different ways to teach about being a new creation/creature in Christ. Great for all ages.
  • Intelligent Designer There’s a lot of controversy over the teaching of “intelligent design.” This worship painting “evolves” to show the intelligent designer. For complete instuctions on how to do it yourself, click here.
  • Italian Street Painting A great outreach idea, read complete instructions here.
  • Wonderfully Made Desperate times call for desperate measures. After a rash of teen pregnancies hit the school system where I ministered, I was blessed with a project that really drove home some serious points on purity, abstinence, etc. This is one that may have been posted before some time ago, but it bears repeating and a fresh look.
  • MINIstryMake your won tracts and minicomics using this pattern from A.M.O.K. Click here for pattern and instructions.
  • 15 Short and Sweet Artist’s Prompts for You! I’ve beenworking on a project for quite some time called A.M.O.K.’s Outside the Box Idea Box. The idea behind the concept is short, Bible based art projects that can be done independently or as the foundation for a lesson plan. I have posted a sampling for you to try. Let me know how they work for you.
  • Not of This World Alien A great reminder project for your students to be a peculiar people.
  • Painting Backdrops Here is a way for your visual artists to have a great time and serve your church’s drama ministry and/or Vacation Bible School. Complete instructions.

Music Ideas and Resources

  • Interlinc Interlinc’s Youth Leaders Only and Music Video Loop are great resources using the best in Christian rock music to teach the everlasting truths of the Bible to youth. I have been privileged to write lessons for them for several years. This is a great resource I heartily endorse.

Drama Ideas and Resources

  • Mary and Joe’s Counseling Session A look at what would have happened as Mary and Joseph try to explain their predicament to their youth leaders after Mary finds out she is expecting.

Writing Resources

  • Creative Calisthenics by Terri Main I got the opportunity to review a great new book by Terri Main called Creative Calisthenics. This is a great book to help you defeat the blank page. Great for writers helpful to other artists as well. To read the review click here. To order the book click here.


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