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I just spent four days ministering at Little Swatara Church of the Brethren. It was a great time. There were quite a few people that I grew up with there and it was great to reconnect. I spoke on the parables. One thing I have become convinced of is that if we as believers will apply the principles of these stories to our lives, they will help us to live a better “stories.” Here are a few pics. Thanks to Pastor Matt Christ for the invite and all you did for me and thanks to Mark Myers for doing all the video work. I can’t wait to see the clips.

I love to do this kind of ministry so if your church could ever use a few days of challenging, renewing messages combining art and the word of God, please contact me.

I know God is good and I trust Him. Still there are times where I wonder if I am doing everything right and if I am making enough of the right efforts, especially with my speaking ministry. I’m a pastor and so I want to make sure I am being faithful to the people and the God who have called me to lead at this time while also being faithful to my call beyond the walls. It can be a real balancing act but it is also a tremendous blessing. Still I sometimes find myself wondering if I am doing enough to promote the speaking ministry. My bookings are a little off what they sometimes are by this time of the year and my summer looks a little slim. About the time I start to wonder, I get a reminder. In this case from a dear friend who feels led to bring me in to his ministry multiple times this year. It’s just another reminder that while I am called to be faithful, God’s faithfulness will exceed mine every single time.

So here’s the point you should take from this. Do your best to honor God with everything you do. Put forth your best efforts, do all that you feel led to do and work hard. This is called faithfulness. After that it’s up to God and He can always be trusted.

You need to do your part and then you need to trust.

God provides.

If you feel led to bring my ministry to your church or organization you can contact me by clicking here.

Hey everyone, I’m a booked pretty heavily this weekend and it looks like we could have some interesting weather. I have a class Saturday morning a presentation Saturday night and I start spiritual renewal services on Sunday. Lots of driving coming up and I really could use decent roads for it. Could you pray for safety and/or/both good weather for me? I would really appreciate it.

And of course if you ever need an artist speaker for your church, I can be contacted here.

While I’m on a cartooning kick, I thought I’d share a little preview of Creacher. Sometimes the words come first, but in this case I just started off by drawing the characters and let them speak. I just started to look at the things I know and the things I wanted to share. These are some of the things I know and now you know them too.

Well there were no takers to share what you’re doing for Easter this year, but as promised, I want to share what I’m going to do here. A couple years ago, my pastor did a series called Jesus through Isaiah’s Eyes. He went to the prophecies of Isaiah regarding the birth of Christ. It was a fascinating series. I even made some short video intros for the series, like this one.

Well I’ve decided to do something similar this easter season. I’m still toying with the title, I was thinking of Eyewitnesses to Easter but that may not work since I want to look at Isaiah’s prophecy about Jesus’ death which was about 70 years before the event, so was he really an eyewitness. Also it’s more holy week than Easter, but I’ll figure it out. In addition to Isaiah, I want to look at the events through Mary’s eyes, Peter’s eyes and possibly the centurion’s eyes or one of the Angels at the tomb’s eyes (I’m still thinking/praying through this but it should give some unique perspectives and getting people thinking.)

When it comes to holidays, the most Christians seem to emphasize Christmas, and the birth of Christ, and the incarnation are immensely important, but let us never forget, the purpose of Christmas is Good Friday and the purpose of Good Friday is Easter. The Easter story is the essence of Christianity. This is not a story we can afford to gloss over as if we know it all. Anything we can do to help people look at this unchanging story with fresh eyes is a step in the right direction.

So I’ll ask it again. How will you express Easter this year.

paintpartysunflowers111There are a lot of artists who take themselves way too seriously. If you’re starting to feel that way I would like to do you a favor today. I want to give you a friendly reminder… Are you ready? Art is supposed to be fun. It really is. That’s why you started to love it, remember. You started to realize that this thing called could help you make the world see what was going on inside your head. You could create things that never existed before. You probably started off copying logos or cartoon characters or maybe sketching stuff that was around you. That was a blast. I can still remember sketching out rock band logos on my classmates notebooks and realizing that this was the one thing I could do that people actually thought was cool and it was fun. Then after a while you start to realize you don’t have to copy. You could make up your own stuff. You could design things for other people.

Then somewhere along the line, we get serious. Maybe it’s because you have so many people telling you you can’t make it as an artist and you want to prove them wrong, or you start getting paid and the next thing you know you’re crunching deadlines and somewhere in there it stops being fun. Now please don’t misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with getting paid, but don’t lose track of the fact that this is supposed to be fun.

I’ve been posting about paint parties for the last week or so and i just got done doing one. We painted a couple sunflowers with a group of 24 mostly novice painters. It’s always about the same, they start a little nervous and then they start getting into it, and you know what my main job is, Above teaching them to paint the picture, and laying out some basic techniques, the main job is to keep it fun, and it is fun. I think the main thing is the pressure is off.

Every once in a while I think we all need to be reminded of this fact. It’s supposed to be fun, if it stops being fun, find a way to make it fun. Drudgery and creativity rarely peacefully coexist. Do something that helps you find the fun. Here’s a hint. It often involves helping someone else find the fun.

Remember, art’s supposed to be fun.

MASTERPIECEPOSTERI’ve been over some of the details of paint parties, but what about the paint party itself? How do you lead the party? Well first of all every leader is different and you kind of need to find your own style. One thing you could consider is for every experienced artist that shows up at one of these things there are probably 20 that are inexperienced and maybe even a little nervous. One of our jobs is to disarm that a little. Many people think they can’t make art and we are here to prove them wrong. I usually start off with some humorous rules such as this is not art class, you won’t be graded, it’s okay to learn from your neighbor but don’t compare your work with theirs. I usually make some comment about art is in the eye of the beholder, throw in something about the variety of work that is in museums, etc. By the time they pick up their brush I want them to be laughing and happy or at least relaxed.

Next, always display a finished copy of the painting from the beginning. This will help the people to see where they’re going to end up. It also helps them if they get stuck or if they want to move ahead. I also don’t limit them. If they want to do something different, even completely different, that’s okay, I just tell them I may not be able to help them. There can be a lot of freedom in this. I also remind them that if they mess up acrylic is very forgiving and if they let it dry they can take over.

In the teaching itself, I find it best to go step by step and make sure everyone is ready before I move forward. I will sometimes say you’ll want to work a little faster here if there is something that has to be blended while still wet. I tend to keep the steps pretty simple and I always try to program a break into the evening where they can take a break and let the paint dry a little bit. At the end I always have then sign their paintings and I try to get photos of the people with their finished products. Over the course of the evening I mingle a lot. This helps me to tweak my teaching and adjust what I’m doing.

Remember this is not art class, this is supposed to be fun and if we do it right, it might just set someone on a new creative course in life. This will give them the ability to express themselves creatively and may even lead to something more. Keep it fun. Keep it light. Be a blessing.