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I have different ways of working, depending what I am working on. When I am reading or writing, I need silence. When I am drawing I need some background noise, so I was sitting here and had old episodes of The Office on in the background. I was drawing away, and I realized that as the last episode aired, the next ting up was a movie. I was not paying attention to anything so I wondered what movie was coming next. As soon as they got through the production company graphic, I knew by the first frame. A floating white feather and I instantly knew it was Forrest Gump. That opening sequence is what I call iconic—instantly recognizable and powerful. I love the way the feather book ends the moving. Now admittedly this might be my all-time favorite movie, but the point is it’s a work of art.

Is there a way for us to create something iconic? Well, to a point we don’t get to call it. Part of being iconic is how many people it connects with. But think about Forrest Gump. What makes it great is the story. It’s a story that has humor, action and it touches your heart. It has a point and when it’s over you feel in spite of difficulty and tragedy, you leave the story with hope. This is a huge part of what makes something iconic. It is also fantastically made, and nearly flawless. It’s very original and there are few things like it. It touches our sense of nostalgia, and many can relate.

I’m not sure we can force iconic, but what we can do is seek the Lord and create with originality, creativity and excellence. We can create work that touches hearts and changes minds. We can do this because when we create in connection with the Spirit, something supernatural happens, the work is empowered. Remember why God gave you your gift. He gave it so you could accomplish His purposes. Do your best anointed work and trust the Lord to make it “iconic.”