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I had to take a little hiatus from my web comic, Creacher, but it’s a new year and I am going to take another run at it. To see more, click the ‘toon.


Okay, it’s not funny “ha-ha” but rather funny “peculiar.” In my devotions I am currently in the book of Exodus. Today I am at the place where God is bringing the plagues against Egypt. What struck me was for the first couple of plagues, after Moses (with God) produces a plague, the magicians of Egypt did the same by their “secret arts.” Think about this for a moment. God sends a plague, and then the magicians through their demonic powers show they can do the same. In other words, every time the enemy acts to show his power, the end result is it just makes things worse. This is pretty much the best the enemy can do, copy from God and make things worse. That’s funny at least to some extent.

Of course eventually even the magicians are brought to their knees by the plagues as well and then this struck me. The end result of the plagues was the passover and the freedom of the people. The passover was preparatory for the coming of Jesus and in this we see a major truth, even the punishing acts of God end up working for the good, because God is always good. That may not be funny, but it ought to put a smile on your face.

Yesterday, I wrote about my influences, specifically Ed Roth. Today, I decided to create in a similar style. His character is Rat Fink, so I decided to do something of a self portrait. I call it Art Fink. Hope you like it.

Sometimes you need to shift your focus.

Okay I heard to day that a professor in Iowa was referring to intelligence as a microaggression. All I could think of is this is how the idiocracy begins. Maybe you’ve seen the movie Idiocracy. I can’t endorse it, because it’s not the cleanest thing our there, but the basic premise is that after centuries of the most educated people tending to have less and less children the populace gets dumber and dumber. The premise was interesting, but what I’ve been finding is that you don’t have to be stupid to have stupid ideas. Case in point is this professor. If intelligence is truly a microaggression, and he is a professor who should, I would tend to believe be trying to make people more intelligent, isn’t he adding to the problem, and as a result shouldn’t he resign immediately?

To me it’s this simple. Ideas like Microaggressions are part of the problem. If we have to look for unintentional reasons to be offended, perhaps we need to rethink some things. What would happen if we spent our time looking for ways to love and serve one another instead of looking for problems that were never intended.

I weighed in with a few cartoons this week designed to make us rethink some of this.

This week, I decided to just lay it all out there over at my cartoon site, CREACHER. Jesus is Greater… For more info, click the toons.

I love living in a free country. I love living in a representative democracy. I feel even though our system has many flaws, it’s still the best system I’ve seen. That being said, the church is different. When we vote to come to a conclusion, we say that we have sought the mind of Christ. Really? I don’t know much but I do know this. Christ never sinned. To sin is to run afoul of the standards set by God in His Word. Therefore the mind of Christ will not run afoul of God’s Word. I tried to find a way to illustrate this. Here’s what I came up with.

At the end of the day we can’t do a vote to determine the mind of Christ because there’s a way that seems right to a man but in the end it leads to death. Further His thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are not our ways. His ways are higher than ours. God’s will is not found in votes, it’s found in His Word. His will will never violate His Word. God’s Kingdom is not a democracy, it’s a Kingdom with a perfect, all-knowing, always right King. The best thing we can do is submit our will to Him and His Word.