Creation Station Vacation Bible School

This presentation was over a year in the making. The Creation Station Vacation Bible School. A church approached me about the possibility of giving their VBS teachers the year off and having me come in to do the opening each night, the closing and the teaching station. This is the result.

This presentation will be available for booking in Summer 2014. I’m also considering publishing it as a curriculum available for sale. This station based VBS presentation combines a high speed painting of the “animal of the night”, a story about the animal and how it relates to the theme, the above videos, an interactive art project for the students, a Bible story, craft ideas and more. There is also an optional introductory program available for the Sunday morning service before VBS begins.

The themes for each night are:
1. God Made Everything

2. God Made You

3. God Made You Special

4. God Made You to Love You

5. God Made you to Be a New Creation

The object of Creation Station is to help children see the evidence of God in His creation and to find a relationship with Him, through Jesus Christ. It is fun, interactive and creative. I would love to bring it to your church. You can contact AMOKArts for more information.

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