Dave Weiss Masters Portfolio 2017-2020

Video Content
I make a fair amount of video content with my ministry and share it via youtube as well as in my church and speaking ministry.

The Easter Conundrum which answers the question about why Easter falls on different days every year.

I’ve also been experimenting with recreating some of my “live presentations” as teaching videos. I created a new YouTube channel to display them. Here is an example.


Our church had a very successful if much delayed “Easter” Mission Offering in August. Considering the fact that we are currently averaging an attendance of 40 people, the church raised over $8000. I made these two videos to acknowledge their generosity during the announcements

Sermon/Service Videos

I had begun experimenting with the idea of creating videos of my sermons some time before the advent of COVID by combining audio recordings of my sermons with my presentation slides. This proved to be a God-send when COVID hit as slow WiFi prevented us from streaming. In recent months I have gone to a simpler less time consuming “live” recorded format due to an increased work load, but here are a few samples of my illustrated sermon videos as well as a few of the announcement videos I was doing.

For more clips, see our church website.

The Grateful Series
Each year, I speak at a camp for adults with development disabilities in Rome, New York. Our theme for Fall 2017 was on Gratitude, and I made these videos to go along with my messages.

VBS Video

For our annual Art Day Vacation Bible School, our teaching was based on the Fruit of the Spirit. I wrote a little rap and made an animated video to help the students learn the fruit.

The Enough Series

In the Summer of 2018 I did another series for the camp for adults with development disabilities in Rome, New York. The theme for this camp was Enough. I made a few video clips to help connect the campers to the theme.

Art Videos
Over the course of the year, I have done a few art challenges. These were more about working on my skills than they were about spiritual things at least on the surface. When each collection was finished I made a video of the pieces. In one case I did a testimony on the creative process. The Marchartoon collection ended up getting me the opportunity to share some encouragement via video with a group of youth in Croatia. I have also been sharing art online with several groups of car and Low Brow art enthusiasts, in hopes of making connections for the Gospel.

Into the Marketplace

I don’t get a lot of time to do art for art’s sake these days, but I do still use my art to meet new people and build relationships. I am especially interested in the “low brow art” of artists like Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, one of my earliest influences. I post a lot of my more “secular” pieces here.

Share the Love
After seeing an increase in negativity over thelast few months pertaining to politics, COVID, rioting in the streets and more, I decided to create a collection of memes for social media with verses about love on them in the weeks leading up to the election. Here is a sampling of the pieces.

Blood On Our Hands

I received an invitation from a church in Georgia to create a piece of art for their “Stations of the Cross” art show. Due to the distance and the difficulties with shipping a large piece of art, I chose to do a digital video. My assigned station was Pilate condemning Jesus. The piece was designed to be shown on a loop.

The same church did a virtual show in 2020 and asked me to participate again. This time I was asked to do the flogging of Jesus, so I did this piece which I call “39.”

Books Published

Flyers and Announcements

Worship Art
These are the paintings I do in worship, primarily in the context of my ministry at Springfield Church of the Brethren, but also occasionally in other churches as my schedule permits. These are separate from the paintings I do in my speaking ministry.

Lamb of God
Message on Passover

Don’t Miss the
Donkey Palm Sunday Message

“When I Am
Lifted Up” Easter Message

Isaiah’s Suffering Servant Easter

“Didn’t Our
Hearts Burn”
Easter Message

Handout on the
400 years of “silence”

Christmas series: Joseph

Christmas Series: Gabriel

Christmas Series: Shepherd

Christmas Series: John the Baptist

Four Friends 1

Four Friends 2

Four Friends 3

Four Friends 4

The Legend of the Three Trees Triptych

The Daniel Series

I am currently preaching through the book of Daniel and have been working on a series of sketch paintings to illustrate various elements of the book, especially the people, dreams and visions.

Peter Becker Community Flower Show

Our local retirement community has an annual flower show that is something to behold. Each year they do a theme and for 2019 the theme was Superpowers and Flowers. I volunteered to do some of the design work for the characters and displays. I have also included a few photos of the finished work which was done primarily by the residents with some help from me and a few others.

Speaking Ministry Art
These are some of the live paintings I did in my speaking ministry. Please keep in mind my average time to complete one of these is about six minutes.

The Word Became Flesh,
Christmas Speed Painting

Live paintings for
Haven Camp

Gallery of Live paintings
at St. Thomas BiC

Gallery of Live paintings
at St. Thomas BiC

Jesus and the Empty Tomb

Aye Aye from VBS
Animals Presentation

Presentation Graphics
I do a lot of Powerpoint Presentations in my my ministry featuring original drawings. I will share a sampling of the literally thousands I have done here.

Paint Parties
One of the things I have really enjoyed lately is leading paint parties. They are great for fund raising and especially outreach.
Here are a few photos.

The Imaginative Church Workshop

I did my first Imaginative Church Workshop. We went over many of the aspects of imaginative preaching and teaching with live demonstrations and hands on projects. This was a CEU training event sponsored by the Susquehanna Valley Ministry Center.


Occasionally I will help others realize their visions. My friend Paul Turner is a youth ministry consultant and a speaker. He wrote a curriculum for the camps he will be speaking at this summer. He needed a map style board to help students chart their spiritual growth.