Archive for November 12, 2015

runnunamokI so rarely do these little plugs but I could really use your help, especially if your church is relatively near two routes this year. I am located in Eastern Pennsylvania. In March, I will be making a rather long jaunt from the Reading PA area to Camp Ithiel in Sunny Florida. You can see my possible routes here.
My plan is to leave my home Sunday March 6 in the afternoon if I can get a booking Sunday Evening. I am booked to be in North Carolina on March 9 and must be In Florida by March 11. I am booked in several churches March 11-13 and then I will be returning by a similar route and need to be home in time to preach Sunday March 20. I could use several bookings to help make this trip work for me financially. If you think your church would like my ministry and you are near this route, Please contact me. I would love to come and see you.

Also looking forward, I am hoping to make a similar trip in July if there is enough interest in my ministry. If I can make this work I would like to travel to the Creative Church Conference in Boise, ID. These are the possible routes I may be taking. The dates I would need to be at the conference would be July 29-31. I need a minimum of ten dates to make this trip. If you would have any interest in hosting my ministry on this trip, please contact me.

I am also looking to fill the rest of my year so if you have a special program or event throughout the year or you’d like to plan one, please contact me.