Archive for November 1, 2015

So you’ve been working at a style for a while. You’ve nailed it down and it always goes well for you. Its great, but then one day you discover it all feels pretty familiar, maybe even a little, dare I say, boring. What do you do?

  • How about reimagining your work? Take what you do and build on it. Elevate it!
  • How can you do that?
  • Apply your style to a different subject matter.
  • Add detail.
  • Change your medium.
  • Put your subject matter in a different environment.
  • Step away from your style altogether for a little while and do something completely different.
  • Imagine a different clientele and create as if you were creating for them.
  • Show a work in progress to a person you would consider your “target” audience and get feedback.

Bottom line, if you are bored in your work, there is a better than even chance others will be bored by it too. Create to excite yourself and others will be excited by it too. Not everyone, but work that pleases everyone is the most boring of all. Please God and please yourself, then share your work. After these two, the people who love your work are the ones you’ll want to work to please.