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neilpeartasakidI saw this photograph this morning and it really touched me.

The young man in the photo for those who do not recognize him is Neil Peart, drummer for the band, Rush. He is one of my favorite musicians and widely regarded as the greatest rock drummer of all time, but look at the quote. My guess is a lot of people who read this blog will relate the sentiment. There are an awful lot of us artistic types who have a hard time fitting in, especially when we’re young and that feels so important.

But here’s the thing. Those of us who have pressed through have found the truth, we don’t fit because we are headed for something better, something new, something true. We are not here on this planet to fit into a world system, we are here to change it and you can’t change it by being like everybody else, by fitting in. So stand up, stand out and let your light shine.

Misfits unite!!!

Oh and one last thing, just because we know this to be true, doesn’t mean this is easy, especially for the young ones. They need someone to come alongside and help them, believe in them and show them they are special, not weird, gifted and talented for a reason. If you’re a believing artist, we need to invest in the next generation.

Love this song by For King and Country… I pray it blesses you today.

And here is a clip of Neil in action.