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SIMPLETRUTHI remember it like it was yesterday. I was alone on a literal mountain top in a place that holds great significance for me. I was on the lookout at Agape Farm, home of the Creation Festival. I was working on a project on the grounds and yes I had permission to be there. Many great things have happened in my spiritual life on that site. I saw my call to ministry fleshed out there, prayed with several people to receive Christ there, baptized my son there… The list goes on and on. For me it is sort of a Holy Place, but on that day, I had more questions than answers. I walked to the lookout before day light so I could watch the sunrise. As I stood there viewing what I could see of God’s beautiful creation (a fog had rolled into the valley), I began to pray. I was feeling spiritually insecure and I asked God for many gifts, one of which was the gift of tongues. The presence of God was thick on that mountain that day and I felt God say something I could not have expected. I felt Him say, “No, I want you to speak to people in a way that everyone understands.” That’s been my goal ever since.

So often I sit in classes and (forgive me if this sounds judgmental) it feels like people are trying to out-intellectualize each other. Using the buzzwords and the “fifty-cent words” and I get it, there is a real pressure to fit in even in a group of our peers, and yet I wonder. These are usually ministry classes, classes for people who are tasked with communicating the Gospel. I have to stop and wonder, do they speak like this to their congregations and if so, does anyone understand them. Maybe it’s just my call to the simple truth, but I doubt it. How intelligent one is matters far less than whether or not your audience understands what you’re saying. What you say doesn’t matter at all unless your audience understands because the purpose of communication is to gain understanding.

When it comes to communicating the Gospel, this is especially true. I’ve heard people wonder whether or not I use art as a crutch with my ministry. Maybe I do. I certainly don’t need to create when I speak, but I like to. Why? It’s one more point of connection. One more way to reach one more person with the truth that can set them free. I don’t care if people think I’m intelligent, or a great artist, or whatever. I just want to use every tool in my box to reach as many people and introduce them to Jesus.

It seems every time I speak somewhere, someone will thank me for bringing the simple truth. Some people may be put off by that, but for me there is no higher compliment for me. It shows me I am in the center of God’s will for my life…

The graphic for this post is from a favorite song from my teenage/young adult years, called Hold On, by Triumph. The song deals with music and holding on to your dreams, but I think of it every time someone tells me about the simple truth. Enjoy this beautiful acoustic version by lead guitarist Rik Emmett.