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I’m taking a class at and I had an assignment. To be honest it was an assignment I sort of dreaded. It was a photography assignment. Of all the visual art forms, I’ve always considered Photography to be my weakest area. I feel like I have a flinch. When I push the shutter, I tend to jerk the camera, just slightly but it often makes for a very bad photo. Nonetheless, I am trying to give this class my all, so I went out and began to take the shots. This time though rather than dragging out the camera, I decided to try it with my iPhone. I was so happy with what I ended up with.

The assignment death with elements and principles of design. We were to go out and capture a multitude of photos that demonstrated each principle or each element. I decided to do both assignments and I am so glad I did. I decided to document my morning prayer walk, a two mile walk on a route I have traveled a multitude of times (literally thousands). What amazed me was how much I miss on this walk. Seeking out these elements forced me to notice things I usually take for granted. It made me wonder if there are ways to become more observant. Here are a few things I thought of.

1. Seek out something specific: In my case seeking the elements of design made me look closer and got me to focus on the smaller pictures within the big picture.
2. Look for what’s out of place: In one of my photos, I was looking at all these organic forms of a bush in the last asps of autumn, getting closer I saw a device for tightening the wire fence. It ended up becoming really an interesting juxtaposition of organic and man made. In another shot, there was a vibrant green plant that popped up among the dead leaves.
3. Seek beauty: So often we think beauty has to be extravagant, but it can be found even in the most mundane things, the problem is we are often so busy seeking out the big stuff that we miss the small stuff.
4. Look at the details: Again we see the beauty of creation in grandeur, in huge vistas, but in the process, we miss the incredible and intricate details that make up these creations. The veins in a leaf, the feathers of a bird, the amazing things it take to make something live. It is in these details that we see the workmanship of God.
5. Slow down: We are often so preoccupied with trying to get to a destination that we forget to enjoy the journey.
6. Remember, you’re a masterpiece: God created everything and then He entrusted it to His greatest creation… us! As we look at God’s creation, it is crucial that we remember He made it for us. Those things that we notice and bring us joy. They are a gift from God to us. In noticing and appreciating creation, we appreciate the Creator.

What amazing gifts are you missing? Maybe you need to slow down and find the beauty in the details of life. Beauty is all around you, not to mention within you.

Here are the photos that I took. I’d love to know what you think.