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Confession time: Sometimes being a daily blogger is downright frustrating. When I go and look at the statistics on how many people read these posts, it’s often discouraging. I see that even some of my closest friends, friends who are in this field of ministry, often don’t read it. There are even days when I think, “It’s pointless, let’s just not post for a couple days and see what happens.” I’m here to tell you, that’s the wrong attitude. Instead we need to do the three things listed in the title.

1. Trust God: My above thoughts are a little hypocritical. Most of my friends in this field are also regular bloggers, and truth be known, I don’t always have time to read their stuff either, as a matter of fact the better things are going, the less time I have to read. I love my friends and they love me, we are just really busy people. No point in being frustrated. I need to trust that the One who called me to this, the One who inspires the posts, is powerful enough to draw the people in who need to read it.

2. Be Faithful: I’m not asking you to become a daily blogger, I’m asking what God is asking, which is that you be faithful in doing whatever it is He called and created you to do. I’m becoming increasingly aware of how little I understand success when it comes to the Kingdom of God. I might be called to reach multitudes or my work might reach a smaller number, some of whom will reach multitudes. Success, at least personal success, is measured by one thing in God’s Kingdom: Faithfulness! Am I doing what God has called me to do? Yes. Have I prayed and given it my best effort? Yes. Have I put it out there for the world to see? Yes! If I can answer yes to those three questions (at least in the creative realm), then I am already successful. The rest is up to God, so see step one.

3. Love Your Audience: Just the fact that you take the time to read what I have to say, at any given moment, is a blessing. When I think about it and realize that God has given me the ability to touch lives all over the world, I am humbled beyond words. I do what I do, first for Him and then for you. The people that read your creations and appreciate your creations are worth their weight in gold. Do not waste time fretting over how many people you don’t have, sow into and love the people you do.

Trust the God who has called you to create to draw the people who need your work to it. Be faithful in consistently producing and sharing your best work. Love the people who are drawn to your work, appreciate them and always do your best to over-deliver.

If you’re reading this post today, Thank you. I pray it blesses you and spurs you on to doing your own good work and good deeds. I love and appreciate you.

Do great stuff today. To God be the glory!