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My friend Jessie Nilo has a heart for visual artists in the church, and that is putting it mildly. She has led a phenomenal arts ministry called VineArts in Boise Idaho for 11 years, in addition to all her other art pursuits. She has recently begun undertaking a new venture to start “A new online school for visual artists to grow spiritually and artistically in churches everywhere.” That school is called

Here’s how she describes it:
“I long for artists all over the world to be loved and welcomed into their own church communities. That’s a big deal, and sadly neglected in most churches. The flip side is that most churches have a huge, gaping hole where their artistic side should be. Churches need artists to show them how art can help their congregations grow spiritually.

That’s why I’m launching Art — to help churches love artists, and to help artists love the local church, wherever God calls them. My model centers on Christ and emphasizes “everyone gets to play” (there are places for all levels to participate).”

She has recently started an indiegogo campaign to help her get the ball rolling. I think this could be an awesome thing. If you agree, please consider supporting her and maybe even taking a few classes. Jessie is someone who knows her stuff, and she could be a big help in getting your own ministry going. I know she and her team have been a great help to me. To give to this worthy school, click here.