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Ministering to the Creative Soul Free E-book, Dave WeissRelax, it’s not a new one… I’m not that prolific. What I am is desiring for these books get out to a wider audience so they can help more people. I’m only allowed to do this once, and I wasn’t able to give the book away free when I wrote it. So now, I give you (quite literally) Ministering to the Creative Soul. I wrote this book for people who want to bless, encourage and empower the creative people in their lives. It’s for anyone who loves a creative person to help you understand what makes us tick. (Yes, I still believe everyone is a creative person, but that is a different battle for a different day.)

It’s also a book for church leaders who want to utilize the creative people in their midst to the glory of God. It includes ways to get creative people involved in your ministries, how to use them without “using” them, as well as what they need to flourish for the Kingdom. It’s a book I wish every church leaders would read so please be sure to share the link with as many pastors and leaders as you can. It’s a little book, and a quick read, but I believe it could be a blessing to a lot of people and a lot of churches so please help me to spread the word. It will be free until July 23rd.

When I first started doing creative arts ministry, 18 years ago, some days it felt like I was inventing it. I knew that wasn’t the case, it just felt that way because we were all so disconnected. Slowly, with the expansion of the internet, we began to be able to connect and bless each other, but I still believe that we are at the beginning of a move of God in the arts, just scratching the surface of what could be as we work together to use our “whatever gifts” to serve the Lord. This book was one way I felt led to move the “ball” forward.

This is a limited time free offer, get your Kindle copy today. Remember, you don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle books, there is a free app available for tablets and smart phones. There is also a print version available for $6 through Amazon. You can also see my other books here.