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picturesofJesuscoverYesterday, my book Pictures of Jesus launched and I felt very blessed by all the people who downloaded it and hope they will share it with many people and that God will use it to bring people to Jesus and to challenge the rest of us to honor and glorify God.

One comment on social media intrigued me. Someone made the comment that there are, thankfully, no pictures of Jesus. I think I may get where the commenter was going, but I respectfully disagree.

I think Pictures of Jesus are everywhere…

…and I’m not talking about all the artists renditions out there. Most of those are probably inaccurate. After all, most of us who render Him want to honor Him, so we tend to make Him handsome, bordering on beautiful. I get that, He did something beautiful for us in laying down His life to set us free, but Scripture says, “He had nothing in His appearance that would draw us to Him…” Which makes me believe that the only person in human history who had some say in how he would look, may have chosen not to be attractive in the eyes of the world, so we would look at his heart and do the harder work of emulating that instead.

When I talk about pictures of Jesus, I am not talking about art, yet I am talking about masterpieces. I am talking about hand crafted works of beauty, yet so much more. I’m talking about us, humans, you and me. You see the Bible says we’re created in God’s image. 2 Corinthians 5 calls us who believe to be His ambassadors, His representatives. This is the point of the book. To the rest of the world, Jesus looks like us. We, who call ourselves Christians, are pictures of Jesus to the rest of the world. Are we flawed pictures? Yes, but our job is to represent Him well. This is what the book is about.

What kind of picture of Jesus are you?

The Kindle version of the book is available free through tomorrow July 2. Please download it and share it and if you feel so inclined, post a review on Amazon. This will help the book get to more people. There is also a print version available. The print version is not free because full color printing is a fairly costly process.