Archive for July 15, 2015

pappy and DavidToday, I entered into a new phase off life and I got a new name. Pappy! My first grandchild was born yesterday. I have to admit when I held him for the first time, I was sniffing back the tears. I never cease to be amazed by how quickly one can fall in love with a baby. I know God is above all this stuff, but it always feels a little like He is showing off. God is so good.

Then after a great day, I came home to read about all kinds of stories of people and governments making questionable decisions, including a weapons deal with Iran?????? and I begin to wonder what kind of world will my grandson inherit? It gets me motivated. There is so much to be done and we have to do it, not just for my grandchild but for all of us. God put us here to love us and to make a difference. We can do something about the stuff that is going on in the world and we need to.

The time to create a better world is now.