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Stay In Your Lane???

Posted: October 22, 2021 in Uncategorized

There are often times when I post to social media and the feedback is clear. “Stay in your lane.” As if to say, “Who are you to have an opinion on anything?” They’ll say snarky, snotty things like “do your research,” or take a condescending tone as if I am just the stupidest person on earth. Maybe my skin is too thin but it just vexes me. The days of civil discourse appear to be dead and gone forever. There is part of me that wants to lash out, but then I remember who I am. You see part of the reason I am not entitled to an opinion is because of who I am and who I represent. I’m a Christian and a minister, and the implication is that is the lane I need to stay in because if I violate the tenets of the intolerant tolerant, they will act as if I am a blasphemer who reflects badly on my God.

Maybe it’s true. Maybe I should stay in that lane. After all I believe the Gospel is the power of God to save. At the same time, does “staying in my lane” as a proponent of the Gospel allow me to sit by while people advocate things that run counter to God’s Word? I don’t have any easy answers today. All I know is I want to represent my God well and speak the truth in love. To some degree it is my pride making me want to speak up. People shutting, or shouting, me down makes me feel somehow “less than” and that’s when I want to continue the fight. Online flame wars do not glorify God, but neither does sitting by silently while the world burns. There’s still a wide road and a narrow road, and a profound desire to help people find the narrow one. Lord guide my steps.