Just Make Art

Posted: January 1, 2021 in Uncategorized

One of the other things to slip for me in 2020 was the amount of art I was making “just for fun.” I am hoping to remedy that this year as well. Don’t get me wrong, I made a lot of art for various projects, sermon series, etc., but I find that it’s when I just sort of let my mind wander and just start creating for the sake of creating, it helps me grow creatively. As most of my readers know, I tend to enjoy creating low brow/pop art in the tradition of artists like Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, monsters, creatures and wild vehicles. Mainly I just do these things as a sort of “creative stretching exercise.” I’ve also had the privilege of connecting online with a pretty extensive community of artists online who enjoy a similar style, and I really value building relationships with other creatives.

Here are a few that I did… just for fun.

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