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This excellent book comes from the folks at The Museum of the Bible. It follows the last week of Jesus’ life from the triumphal entry to the empty tomb and it is remarkable. The author starts each chapter with a Biblical/historical view of the topic of the chapter and follows with a fictionalized (though very Biblical) account telling the story as a story. This method really places the reader in the scene and helps one to almost experience it. This book is wonderfully written and I highly recommend it fo anyone wanting to grow in their faith and understanding of our Lord.

This book got a couple of one star reviews (I gave it five!). The reason for these reviews was because the people called it historical fiction, and to a point it is, but that is part of why I loved the book so much. The author creates a few characters, a recent widow, named Chana who experiences the story in the company of women who follow Christ, giving us the female perspective of the story; a priest named Eli giving us the Pharisees side of the story and three brothers who are zealots giving the story from their perspective. What we are left with is a very three dimensional view of the story that delves in to the various motivations. The story is still extremely biblical and follows the biblical record very closely. Pollinger’s historical references are also extremely helpful for understanding and application. If I had any complaint, I wish it was longer and covered a greater scope of the story of Jesus. This is a great book.