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Know Your Role…

Posted: January 16, 2021 in Uncategorized

I remember when Dwayne Johnson was a professional wrestler. He was large and in charge, brash and colorful, and one more thing, quotable as all get out. He had a couple of catch phrases, one of which was “Know your role and shut your mouth.” Now I’m not telling anyone to shut up here, but knowing your role is really important, and as a result of knowing my role, I have made the decision to shut my mouth. I better explain.

I made a post a few days ago, about the time of the incident at the Capitol. It was called “How We Represent Jesus Matters.” It was not a political post at all. Instead it was a call to for those of us who love Jesus to act like Christians are supposed to act. I shared the link on Facebook and got a lot of favorable responses, but I got a fair amount of grief for it too. I have a few people who would contradict me if I said puppies are cute and the sun is hot, so this is nothing new. One pastor took me to task, saying it was my white privilege that allowed me to hold such a view?!? Some seemed to think I was implying something political, some seemed to think I was a wimp. Then I came to the blog to discover I had gotten two ratings that averaged out to 1.5 stars. I have to admit I was a little taken aback. Just to be clear, I know my role.

It seems some would like me to jump into the political fray. Not going to happen, that’s not my role. People have been trying to tell me how to act and react and what I should do, which by the way is not their role. The funny thing is, these people are on both sides of the political aisle, and were I to try to please them all, I would have to develop some sort of multiple personality disorder. To be clear, it’s not that I don’t care. Nor is it because I lack opinions. The thing is, I believe people are called to different things. I believe we are called and designed to work in different sphere’s of society. If you are called to politics, God bless you and I will pray for you, but that’s not me. I used to be very political and trust me when I tell you, that guy is better off gone. Political Dave is a jerk. I can’t stand him, and you wouldn’t like him either.

I see the problems of the world around us as vast, and I know I can’t do everything. As I look at the problems we face, I see at their root is a heart problem. That’s where I feel I can do the most good. My talents and skill set are in two things that are capable of really touching hearts, the church and the arts, so that is where I choose to place the majority of my efforts. Now I seek the Lord daily and He can change my direction if He wants to, but this is where I’m at right now. So I am going to put my best efforts into those areas and pray that God will multiply those efforts. I can’t do everything. You can’t either, so look for the areas where your passions meet your opportunities, and if you see something that makes you say, “Somebody should do something about that,” Prayerfully consider whether or not somebody is you.

I am sure this will probably get me some one and two star reviews (if anyone takes the time to read it). That’s okay. I know my role.