My Son In His Zone of Genius

Posted: March 29, 2023 in Uncategorized

One of my favorite podcasters, Dan Miller, speaks to the idea of people having a zone of genius. This is the part of a persons life where they are doing their best, most fruitful work.

Last night, I watched my son Chris in his. Chris is a teacher, working at a preschool teaching four and five year olds and preparing them for Kindergarten. He is also a gifted singer and actor. Last night my wife and I attended his school’s Winter program, and when I did, I saw a lot of Chris’ gifts come together. His students were engaged and performing their songs and motions beautifully. They were funny and entertaining, and they did a really great job. I watched Chris in the wings, coaching them and cheering them on and it was beautiful. He was clearly in his zone of genius and everyone could see it.

What is your zone of genius? What is it that you do, where it feels like all of your gifts and talents align and most importantly how can you use that to make a difference in our world and in God’s Kingdom? Finding your zone of genius and putting it to work is a key for us all. 

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