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This book is incredible. David Limbaugh is an attorney, and as such one would not necessarily expect him to be a theologian, but he is and he has done extraordinary work in this book. The book’s scope is on Paul and the Early Church and it is great. In it’s pages, Limbaugh looks at the conversion and calling of Paul, Luke’s account of Paul’s life from the book of Acts, and then Paul’s letters to the Galatians, 1, 2 Thessalonians, 1,2 Corinthians and Romans. He goes chapter by chapter through each of these books, and it could be seen as something of a commentary, it’s plain spoken nature, really helps the reader to grasp the meaning of the text. Limbaugh’s work is well researched and thoughtful, citing the works of some of the world’s great theologians. To give you some ideas how well researched the book is, the notes section of the book, primarily citing the author’s references is 84 pages. I read this book side by side with my Bible and I have to say it enhanced may understanding of many of these passages. This is a really great book that will help anyone understand the Scriptures better. I highly recommend it.