What Will People Say About My Work Habits…

Posted: March 30, 2023 in Uncategorized

I’m reading another book for a book study with my friend Jessie Nilo and her ministry called Emerge. By the way if you are into arts ministry, I highly recommend this group. The book is called Daily Rituals: How Artists Work. I’m only about half way through it, but it’s really interesting. It’s filled with short chapters most just a page or two filled with stories and eye witness accounts of many great artists, (of all disciplines, visual art, writing, music, etc.) and how they worked. I’m enjoying the book immensely and it shows me a couple things. First, artists are not all alike, some of these folks did some pretty weird things, while others went at their work like it was a job. Some spent hours and days seeking inspiration while others made their own inspiration by sitting down day after day and doing the work. A lot of them seemed to have taken walks, a habit I need to take up again. All in all it’s really interesting. I’m finding commonality with some of them, finding a few disciplines I would like to try adopting and some things that I find to be just crazy. But all of this is begging a question. What are my daily rituals and more importantly, what would I like my “eye witnesses” to report about me and my life. 

Here’s what I hope it would say. Dave got up early every morning, started off by reading the Scripture and praying for guidance for the day. Then he stepped out daily for a walk and more prayer, (this used to be a regular process for me until busyness started to choke it out and it got easy to rationalize that I don’t have time for it with all the work I have to do.) Dave then went to work, whether at his church office or at home, he spent long hours writing sermons, writing daily blog posts (another discipline that has slipped a little in recent weeks) and creating the art and visual media content that he used to share the Gospel both in person and online. He traveled often preaching and painting, while still making time for his congregation and family. Now here’s the part where I need to improve. When he finished his creative work, he was able to leave it behind to be fully engaged with his family and congregation. 

To be clear I do try to do that last thing, but I often feel unsuccessful. As I look at my list, I realize that my odds of doing it all are probably fairly slim. I often find myself working on projects seven days a week and still not getting it done. To be clear, I do have distractions that need to go, especially in my “off time.” It can be pretty easy to check my socials at night and end up engaged in things I don’t need to be doing. I have dreams and visions and actual projects I want to accomplish in the midst of trying to be the best husband, father grandfather, pastor and artist I can be and in order to accomplish it all, I have to get better in an area where my skills are really deficient, namely delegating things to others and sometimes learning a new word, a two letter word that I really hate, but know I must embrace if I want to leave a legacy. The word is “No.” Sometimes we need to let go of the good to become better at the best. How about you. What would you like people to say about your work habits. 

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