My New Adult Coloring Book is Now Available…

Posted: December 29, 2015 in books
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My new adult coloring book Kaleidoscopics book 1 is available now. Want to see what’s inside? Check out the video.

I call them Kaleidoscopics. Some people call them Mandalas, but I’m just not comfortable with that. Some Mandalas deal with eastern religious ritual and that’s not where I am going. These images are just for fun. I create a small portion of the image and then cut and assemble them as if the image was reflected over and over again, as if it were being viewed through that favorite of childhood toys, a kaleidoscope, hence the name.

This is sort of like an artistic jam session for me. While there is definitely some planning, the finished piece is always a pleasant surprise. I had a great time creating them and I hope those who get the book have a great time coloring them. I’m excited about this adult coloring movement. I believe all people have the ability to create and make art, but most of them have buried it, often because someone told them they weren’t good enough. This movement will no doubt encourage many to try again and discover their inner creative, but even if they just do it to relax and have fun, that is a great step in the right direction.

If you like, you can order the book here.


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