Dave Weiss Pop Art FocusWell if the Lord wills by the time you read this I will be into my first day at the Creative Church Conference. You might be wondering why I am not posting live from the event. Well the truth is, I left my laptop in home. No, it wasn’t a hazard of speedy packing, it was intentional. You see, my goal at this conference is to share everything I can, help anyone I can and to learn everything I can learn and connect with an even greater connection to my God. The laptop will be a distraction.

This may seem an odd choice for one of the panelists in the building online community workshop, but again it is intentional. The truth is pretty simple. Being online is extremely tempting and it can be hard to stay on task. It’s far too tempting to follow the latest controversy on Facebook or mess with my Twitter feed or start chatting or working on a project or any one of a number of things that will not keep me in the moment. This week, I need to be in the moment.

I love and value you all very highly and I have no doubt that when I return I will be even more fired up and much better equipped to serve the people God has given me. That is worth my intentionality.

If you’re interested in following my journey at the conference “live,” I hope to post some photos from my phone via Instagram on Facebook. If we’re not already friends on Facebook, we should be, so friend me.

  1. May The Lord be with you 🙂


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