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I’ve just returned from my denomination’s annual conference. This year we put aside all new business, and spent our time apart from the contentious issues that threaten to tear us apart and instead focusing on finding a vision that can bring us together. It was a valiant effort and next year’s conference will reveal the conclusion and probably whether or not we remain in tact. I thought this conference was by far the most positive and productive one I have attended, but there’s still a problem and I had a hard time putting my finger on it until I was reminded of this song.

Sometimes I think gathering together to vote on what we should do is the ultimate in hubris, patterning the church after our government as if that is working so well for the government. I hear people say that our conference is the highest decision making authority in our denomination, and if that is the case, that is the problem. Roberts’ Rules and simple and two thirds majorities are human constructs. Brothers and sisters, God’s people must follow God, even if they follow Him alone.

Our opinions and documents and statements, and for that matter, our churches and ministries are pointless and meaningless unless they follow God and His Word. Remember what it’s all about.

A man dying on the cross saving the world,
rising from the dead, doing what He said He would do.

Work to honor Him and stand for Him, even if you stand alone.

I really need your feedback on this one so please reply. What would you think of doing periodic (maybe once a month or biweekly) video conferences on Creative Ministry? What topics would be of interest to you? What days and times work best? What format would be best? I found this service called Basically you would just need to sign into it and you can come on and chat with others interested in using their creative gifts to serve the Lord. Would you like to be a part of this. Let me know by replying to the form below or emailing me at

Dave Weiss Pop Art FocusWell if the Lord wills by the time you read this I will be into my first day at the Creative Church Conference. You might be wondering why I am not posting live from the event. Well the truth is, I left my laptop in home. No, it wasn’t a hazard of speedy packing, it was intentional. You see, my goal at this conference is to share everything I can, help anyone I can and to learn everything I can learn and connect with an even greater connection to my God. The laptop will be a distraction.

This may seem an odd choice for one of the panelists in the building online community workshop, but again it is intentional. The truth is pretty simple. Being online is extremely tempting and it can be hard to stay on task. It’s far too tempting to follow the latest controversy on Facebook or mess with my Twitter feed or start chatting or working on a project or any one of a number of things that will not keep me in the moment. This week, I need to be in the moment.

I love and value you all very highly and I have no doubt that when I return I will be even more fired up and much better equipped to serve the people God has given me. That is worth my intentionality.

If you’re interested in following my journey at the conference “live,” I hope to post some photos from my phone via Instagram on Facebook. If we’re not already friends on Facebook, we should be, so friend me.

If you are anywhere near Indianapolis, IN this weekend, you need to get to this event. Check out this video from Jessie Nilo from VineArts Boise that shares more about the conference and incorporating art in the life of the church. If you can’t make it to this one, there will be another in Boise in July. I wish I could be there. Several of my friends are involved in this conference and they are awesome both as artists and followers of Jesus.

Check it out:

AMOKArts presents at Call2Ministry Conference
I’d like to ask you all to be praying for me as I have the opportunity to paint and co-lead a workshop this weekend at the Call2 Ministry Conference in Ringgold, Georgia this weekend. This is a conference for young people who are feeling the call to ministry. I am humbled by the privilege and it brought me to a thought.

I was chatting with an arts ministry friend, Lisa Marten from VineArts Boise, about this opportunity and I became overwhelmed. When I was the age of the people I am going to be speaking to, I was far from God. The idea of ministry for me seemed so far outside the realm of possibility. I wasn’t even really a believer. Now here I am and in a little over a day God will be using me to speak into the lives of people so precious to Him. People He has called to spread His Gospel to the ends of the earth. God is going to somehow use me to do this. Guys, I claim no glory for this. It’s all God, but what He has done for me and how He got me from there to here is nothing short of a miracle.

To say I believe in God is an understatement, but that’s not the mind-blowing part. When someone has done as much for you as He has for me, belief should be a no-brainer. No the mind-blowing thing is God has entrusted this privilege to me. God believes in me! I can’t even wrap my head around that, but He does and it’s not just me, He believes in all He calls.

God believes in you. He knows what He put in you and He knows what you will do. Be faithful and move forward in your call. God is with you, God loves you. God believes in you…

Creative Church Conference.

If you are anywhere near Boise Idaho or Indianapolis, you should attend this!

Creative Church Conference

Creative Church Conference