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My new presentation… I am really looking forward to taking this one out this Summer. See a preview here.


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As a person who is a total right-brainer, I pretty much hated math. My eyes would glaze over at the mention of the word. That being said, if this guy had been teaching my classes (and if this technology had existed, which it didn’t. I’m old!), perhaps my response would have been different. This is some of the finest, most creative presentation technique I have ever seen.

Does anyone know how he did it?

My new presentation, Forgiven, deals with sin, repentance, grace and forgiveness. I did this a few months back at St. Thomas Independent Church of the Brethren in Mount Pleasant Mills, PA. They recorded the message and set it to pictures of me in action. Please check it out and if your church could benefit from hearing this presentation, please contact me.

nothingslideThis is the title slide to my newest presentation entitled Nothing… Much like Seinfeld was a show about nothing, my new presentation is about nothing… About now you might be wondering why on earth you should bring me in to talk about nothing. Well consider this…

  • Add that little nothing number zero to the left of the decimal on your paycheck and you just multiplied your earnings ten-fold.
  • Jesus did miracles using spit and dirt, water, a touch, a word, seemingly almost nothing.
  • He fed a multitude with one little boy’s lunch, again almost nothing, ending with more than he started with. (twice!)
  • If you believe John 1, He created everything from nothing.

Sometimes Nothing can really be something.

I have a piece I’m working on for an upcoming presentation (more on this on Monday). Below is a sketch for it. It’s not really coming together for me. Oh the image is fine, I even kind of like it, but when you’re working live, sometimes there is more to consider than just what the final piece will look like. Even though the final piece has to be done in only a few minutes, people are watching me create it, so the process also matters.


You see I don’t just paint with my messages because it’s my gift and it’s not just about the art. Art is a tool I use to engage the congregation or the audience. To me an important element is keeping them guessing. There has to be some surprise, some misdirection, something that makes people say, “What is he doing?” That way they’re hanging on my every word, not because I’m that important but because I am trusting God to bring a message that someone or maybe everyone needs to hear. For me, the art is always subservient to the message. The art is important to me and I want to do my best, but the art is temporary. If the message hits home and is used to change a life, then the message is eternal.

There are a lot of considerations in designing to do live art. When it comes to art in ministry, many of them have nothing to do with the art.

What are your considerations for the work you do when you’re “letting your light shine before men?”

preziHey everyone,
As many of you know, I love to use Prezi for my presentations. It’s a wonderful web-based program, it makes really cool presentations and the most basic version of it is free. It’s great and I love it!

Now here’s where I need your help. I got three other people to join Prezi (again for FREE!) and the folks at Prezi upgraded my account for three months. Well those three months have passed and the upgrade has expired. Would you please consider signing up for Prezi, and help me get my upgrade back. It’s a wonderful tool that I highly recommend.

Please help by clicking the link below.

Thanks for your help,

My new presentation, A Night AMOK: Pix of JC is now available for booking. This evangelistic presentation is an evening of art,music and ministry. In the program, I paint a variety of pictures live, accompanied by videos, music, story telling and the Word of God. It’s all designed to paint a picture of Jesus, a true, scriptural, real picture of His amazing love on people’s hearts and minds. Check it out.
For more information on A Night AMOK:Pix of JC, click here and if you’d like to bring me in to do A Night AMOK, you may contact me at

Below is a sample:

Title page for my new game for HistoryMakerz

Title page for my new game for HistoryMakerz

A few years ago I started a youth presentation called HistoryMakerz. The idea behind it is simple. We use young people from the Bible to encourage young people of today. In the presentation I tell the stories of people like David and Joseph (Genesis) and Mary to illustrate that these were not superheroes, They were ordinary people who put their lives in the hands of an extraordinary God and that if we will do the same thing God can use us to make a real difference in this world.

Well after some time I am getting the opportunity to present it again and to celebrate I am reworking some of the interactive elements of the presentation. Before each of the messages I try to have some kind of fun activity that brings people up to speed on the story. One of my favorite things to do for this are digital game shows. This is the latest, it’s called Who Said That? and it goes along with the story of David.

Go ahead and play the game and see how you do. All you need to do is click the image above. Please keep in mind this is created to be hosted like a game show so it does not keep score. If you get an answer wrong just go back and try again. Check it out and let me know what you think.

If any of you are in charge of any kind of youth group or conference contact me at perhaps I could come and lead History Makerz at your event. It will be finished and ready to present my November 1, Lord willing. For more on HistoryMakerz go to

For those artists who read this, this is just another way to use art to teach biblical truth. How can you use your talent to tell these stories and share God’s message with the Church and the world around you?