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I’ve decided that everybody’s favorite donkey’s commentary may not be the best fit for this site, so I moved him over to my portfolio/more secular site at I’d love to have you go there and subscribe. The goal is to run alec five days a week for as long as he has something to say. Head on over and check him out.

My wife and I are banding together to create a new site called It’s a place to share our creative designs and resources as well as thoughts on creativity and some new speaking concepts and presentations. I just released our first product. A simple product to try out all the features of the new site. A simple product, but a pretty good one, I think.

covershottnI’ve created a new product for young artists. It’s called Making Faces. Using grids and symmetry, young artists can complete 50 wacky faces plus opportunities to create their own characters. Beyond just being a fun activity, this book helps artists learn the crucial skill of observation and “drawing what you see.” This book is available as a download for just $2. Click here to buy it.

The site is a work in progress, but we are excited about what’s happening here.