What If It’s Worship?

Posted: July 15, 2022 in Uncategorized

I spent the late morning and early afternoon yesterday at Sight and Sound Theater here in Lancaster, PA, watching their amazing production “David.” What an fantastic show! I love how they dramatize the lives of the amazing people God has used in His Word. I don’t like to say they make the Bible come alive because the Bible already is alive by the power of the Spirit, but they definitely allow you to see the people of the Bible as real people. People who are living on page 50 not knowing what will happen on page 51, if that makes sense. They lived the stories we read in real time. This kind of brings me. to my own story.

As I watched a really gifted young actor portray the great man whose name I share, I started to think about my own story, and how this David is doing. I think I’m a little tired—burned out being too strong a word for what I am experiencing, but I am tired. All around me I see giants—things coming out of our broken world that are terrible and huge—things that threaten our lives and mock my God. Like that giant long ago, they seem to cry out, “Who will fight?” I want to stand like my namesake so long ago, but I confess I feel so small and ill equipped. You see it’s not just that I want to “slay the giants.” I also (really) want to see the people in their grasp being set free. I just really feel like I don’t have what it takes. Then I remember, David didn’t either. The battle was the Lord’s and it still is.

In the show there is a scene (not the Goliath scene) where Samuel tells David there are some battles that are not won with swords. Rather the people begin to worship and the Lord shows up and wins the fight. Could it be that simple? What if it’s worship? What if instead of feeling overwhelmed by the scope of the battle and the size of the giants, what if we approached the throne and called upon the name of the Lord? What if we lifted our praise in the face of the giants and let the Lord take them down? I and starting to think that is precisely what is needed.

There is one truly terrifying scene in the show. After fighting and fighting and fighting, and coming home to face the demands of leadership, a burned out David, can’t fight anymore. He’s been so consumed with the battles for so long and guess what got pushed out of his life by the demands. It was his connection with the Father. The man after God’s own heart became so busy slaying giants that he lost connection with the source of His power. In the process, he lost the ultimate fight and ended up falling and falling hard. What if it’s worship? What if we need to take our focus off the giants and off of the battle and put it firmly onto the One to whom the battle belongs. Fatigue, burnout and failure come when we forget who the battle belongs to, and begin to fight in our own power. There has to be a better way.

What if it’s worship?

  1. Anonymous says:

    What it it’s worship indeed! Awesome post. Tired and have the flu and SO needed to see this. God bless you for all you are Dave…

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