A friend and trusted advisor once gave me three words of wisdom, (maybe it’s four, not sure how to count the contraction) “It’s always something.” What does it mean? Well we live in a broken world and about the time you think you have it all figured out or things are running smoothly, along comes the dreaded “something.” That something is almost something that is completely out of our control and when it happens it tends to side track everything. “Something” is aggravating.

Here’s the truth, while “something” is usually out of your control, how you react to it is usually completely in your control. I’ll be honest, “something’ has hit me pretty hard and it has me questioning my fitness for leadership. It has me questioning the effectiveness of my preaching, and a whole bunch of other stuff. How can I fix this? What if I can’t? Have you been there?

The thing is, the calmer side of me, knows it’s not all up to me. Mine is to do what I can do and trust God with everything else. I’m still the same person I was before this happened, and so are you. I’m still called, and so are you. I’m still gifted for the task at hand and so are you. Most importantly my God is still on the throne. At this point, the only thing I’ve lost is confidence and maybe that’s okay, because I’m not supposed to be that confident in myself anyway. In the position we’re in, we can’t afford a “circumstantial faith.” We need to trust the Lord in all circumstances. I need to focus on being confident in the One who knows how this will all work out, trust Him and keep moving forward. You know why?

Because, “It’s always something.”

  1. Thanks, Dave. Really needed to hear this today.

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