In our world there is this tremendous pressure to fit in. It is taught to us from our earliest days in school. People try to tell us we can be whatever we want to be (a lie) and then tell us to be like everybody else (an even bigger lie). Here’s the truth. You can’t be anything you want to be. You, like everyone else, have limitations and some of those limitations will be insurmountable for you. You also will never be like everybody else. You are wired differently, gifted differently and to try to fit in will leave you ordinary and miserable.

Think about it. Who do we talk about? Certainly not the ones who are like everybody else. We talk about the odd, the different, the special, the ones who make their own path. These are the people who achieve great things, make great progress. They’re remarkable, extraordinary. The word we have for this is genius and the truth of the matter is we would have many more geniuses if we weren’t so darn busy trying to make everyone fit the same mold.

So much of education tries to force us all to be generalists. We test for competency in standardized tests from the earliest grades. Can I ask a question? Who the heck wants to competent? Oh sure, there are some necessary skills, reading, rudimentary math, and some real life skills we all need to get by (many of these we neglect to teach buy the way), but beyond that, it’s malarkey. Why not spend the majority of our time finding someone’s genius and allowing them to truly excel. Well maybe changing the education system is too big an issue for us, but you’re not in school forever. The problem is we still spend the majority of our adult lives trying to fit and I have to ask why?

You might say, “to hold down and keep a job.” Okay, but why do so many people assume that the best this world has for them is to hold onto jobs they hate? Why do we live for weekends and vacation? Why is Sunday night the worst time of the week for much of humanity? Because we’ve chosen to continue trying to fit. I think there is something better. I believe we were created with gifts and talents and passions, and that those things can lead us to our true genius, to become the best we can truly be, to have the greatest impact we can on the world around us, to go beyond ordinary, to be an artist, a genius, in whatever field we choose.

You know these people when you see them. They have a spring in their step. They have a passion about whatever is before them. They do what they do to the fullest and by the way, the usually look pretty happy, but even when they’re not, the sense of purpose compels them to make it happen and make it great. Ordinary doesn’t get that done. Ordinary gets by.

Why be ordinary?

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