A Halloween Reminder

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Thoughts on art ministry and life
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I drew this cartoon a little while back and it serves as a reminder. I know there are many schools of thought on Halloween in the church and I am not going to make any statement on that except to say, “If you want to give a tract to a trick or treater, that is fine, and I know the value of the Gospel, but make sure you accompany it with a good treat.”

People especially children, outside the church may not comprehend the value of the tract, but they do understand generosity. And for heaven sake don’t use the tract as an opportunity to grind your axe. Quite simply if you want to use the day to tell people something, tell them Jesus loves them.

Halloween is the second most popular “holiday” in the U.S. That makes me a little sad and yes I do have huge problems with people dressing their kids up as demons, serial killers and anything that starts with “sexy.” Even so, used well, it could be a golden opportunity for the Gospel. So this Halloween, if you participate, be generous, show love and be a blessing.

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