Posted: April 7, 2013 in
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Capitol 2

I did this photo collage after seeing that the challenge was urban. It was inspired by a trip to Washington D.C. I was driving and I got lost in the maze that is my nation’s capitol. Just a few blocks from the opulence of all the huge marble buildings there are neighborhoods who are in need of the most basic essentials. Just blocks from the halls of power are people in desperate need of empowerment. The manicured lawns and architectural edifices almost succeed in making one forget that your’e smack in the middle of an urban area with real urban problems. I thought they needed a reminder, so I made one. I had to question how this could be. The very people with the resources to make a real difference seem too occupied with reelection to help.

But you know how when you point one finger you have four pointing back at you. The fact of the matter is, urban or rural, need is everywhere as are those with the resources to do something. If you can see a problem, there is probably something you can do about it. Every significant change starts with one person doing something. And remember, not all need is visible. Be attentive pray and do something.

Making a difference starts with caring enough to  do something.

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