John the Baptist’s church board was freaking out. All their members were leaving and following this other rabbi, a guy named Jesus. John was a little incredulous. that was, after all, the whole point of his ministry, to point people to Jesus and now that Jesus was here, as John said, He must become greater, I must become less.

That’s what this video represents. When we seek to use out gifts to serve the Lord and point others to Him, it becomes increasingly less about us and more about Him until we are invisible and all that can be seen is Him. Are you willing to become less so that He can become greater in the eyes of the people He came to reach serve and bless? In the end, it’s all about Him.

  1. neo says:

    beautiful msg

  2. Lauren says:

    Oh that was so cool! I never would have thought of painting on a mirror. Very nice message too.

    I left you a message down in “one life” on how the mural is going.

    • amokarts says:

      Hi Lauren,
      Actually this piece is not done on a mirror, it’s an old salvaged window. I screwed it to my table set the camera on one side and me on the other with a single overhead light. It’s one of my favorite videos. I really love to do this type of painting.
      God bless,

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