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This artist gets some really cool textures using a spinning canvas, poured paint, and paint a squeegee. Th paint appears to be acrylic, possibly with some sort of flow medium, though that is not listed on the video’s information. Really cool stuff.

Phil Hansen is one of the most innovative guys out there making art today. He’s also sort of a creation of the YouTube generation as he creates his work on video and often when he is finished the original piece is destroyed. Such is the case with his latest piece. I don’t know why he did this one and I imply no political message from my site anyway, I just can’t believe how cool this came out.

Here are a few more



hwIn a little over a month, I will be headed to Boise Idaho to be a part of the Creative Church Conference with my friends at VineArts Boise. I’ve been asked to be part of a panel discussion on blogging and social media and here’s where I need you. I have lots of things to say about how I use this blog and social media but what I need to know is:

How has this blog and the various other channels (Facebook, Youtube, etc.) of AMOKArts blessed or inspired you?

It would also be beneficial to know what I do well, what I could do better, how this blog could get more interaction, have greater impact, etc.

Please also keep me in prayer that I might be a blessing to everyone I can.

Anything you could give me would be most beneficial. Just leave your comments in the comments below.

This is truly one of the coolest videos out there today. It’s two guys (Rhett and Link), over 200 t-shirts, one fire extinguisher and a lot of talent. If you’d like to see more stuff from Rhett and Link, go to their You-tube channel.

Why do I share this kind of stuff with you. First of all to inspire. Videos like this make one think of new things that might be possible. They are on the creative edge and while I don’t think we should plagiarize anyone, seeing things like this can trigger other things in our imaginations.

But today there’s more to it than that. Check out this video:

Rhett and Link created the first video and put it out there as their gift to the world (it has over 5,000,000 hits by the way) and guess what happened, the folks at Coca Cola and McDonalds saw it and commissioned them to make a video as a commercial for them. Needless to say I’m sure this was quite lucrative for them. Here’s the point. You never know who is looking at the things you create and you never know what will come of them, so a.) always put your best out there, and b.) make sure you put it out, A gift is not a gift until it’s given. (remember, real artists ship!)

I’m not saying you will make a lot of money, but I am saying you will touch and bless somebody, especially if what you are doing is inspired by God. So take what you’re inspired to do, do it the best you can and ship it, give it to the word and trust that God will do with it what He intends.

As an extra bonus, here is a third video that shows how the McDonalds video was made. Thanks to Rhett and Link for giving us these gifts. Be sure to check out all their stuff. These guys are truly amazing.